Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wednesday Wash; More Ronn Owens; KGO Hires Weekend Reporter In Case The World Ends; KCBS Discovers 'Live and Local' Is Innovative; KPIX Promotes: 'Game ONNNNNN!"

 Wednesday Wash

As a result of the early Sunday morning fiasco in which there was literally no one in the building to so much even answer a phone, KGO Radio hired a weekend reporter who ostensibly will be on hand to cover things, like earthquakes, for example.

Real revolutionary stuff--next thing you know they'll buy some more mic flags too.

*From a station insider on Ronn's future: "Yes, he, (Owens), makes them money but not that much money. No one gives away money for free. If they sign him for a year I'd be surprised but they're so lacking in ideas they probably will."

*More Ronn Owens: When Napa and the Bay Area were recovering and reacting to Sunday's quake, Owens opened up his KGO show talking about his medical disclosure for a good half-hour Monday morning. Instead of waiting until the final hour to talk about his malady, (which would have been the wiser choice), Owens instead chose ego over basic news judgment. Nothing surprising there.

*The "Live and Local" crappola that is all over KCBS is redundant and corny. Of course it's live and local! As opposed to Taped and National? Another dumb slogan that dumbs down the audience.

*Speaking of KCBS, word from 855 Battery was, "Where was Stan?, (Bunger)--indeed it was quite strange that their most popular anchor was nowhere to be seen or heard. PM drive anchor Jeff Bell instead handled the main proceedings.

*KTVU Never Learns: Only seven hours after the quake Channel 2 began running promos of its quake coverage complete with shots of Downtown Napa and reporters covering the scene. You couldn't wait one day? No wonder no one respects them anymore.

*More annoying than "Live and Local", KPIX's dreadful 10 PM CW Sports header, "GAME ONNNNN!" --Oh, please, shut up!

*"I wanted to come out now after Robin Williams." Yeah, sure, I'm sure the contract had zilch to do with it.

*I'm pretty sure Robin Williams didn't sell himself out and pimp mattresses.

*Cumulus and Parkinson's Disease: Not a winning combo.

*I have an aunt with early-stages dementia. I don't need someone to "come out" to become educated.

*Steve Bitker update: Good Morning Stan, Good Morning Susan, Good Morning Holly, Good Morning John, Good Morning Jason, Good Morning Ed, Good Morning Dan, Good Morning Paul, Good Morning Jennifer, Good Morning Janice, Good Morning God.....


*Larry Baer called in KNBR staff Monday after the quake to complain that the shaker cut into Giant's "Diamond Notes." ...Just kidding but with Baer who knows.

*Wait a minute, KNBR barely mentioned the quake. Their idea of "news" is a new Brian Murphy UCLA reference.

*Ronn could have gone en fuego Monday: half hour of his malady and 30 minutes on his new gadgets.

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  1. So now Rich Lieberman is complaining that Owens talked too early on his Monday show about his Parkinson disease???.

    Rich, let it go. You've already said far too much about this and are beginning to sound crazy/obsessed.

  2. "I'm pretty sure Robin Williams didn't sell himself out and pimp mattresses."

    That is a truly disgusting and unfunny comment!

  3. All of Lieberman's hateful comments about Ronn Owens are disgusting.

  4. Lieberman yesterday, Again, "I wish [Ronn Owens] and his family the best."

    Yeah, right.

  5. > *KTVU Never Learns: Only seven hours after the quake the Channel 2
    > began running promos of its quake coverage complete with shots of
    > Downtown Napa and reporters covering the scene. You couldn't wait
    > one day? No wonder no one respects them anymore.

    With up-to-the-minute updates from Wi Shake Hard and Ho Lee Fuk.

  6. Here's the thing: When was the last time you heard a Ronn Owens show where it seemed like he had really worked on it? Like he really cared about entertaining and informing youHe's going through the motions. Why do I care? Because I want to listen to something interesting on the radio....there are ever fewer to choices....and listening to Ronn these days is like listening to paint dry. Sorry, but it's true.

    1. Ronn doesn't do show prep. He never did. He reads the newspapers on his own time. And then he gives out the topic. It's nothing more, nothing less. He has always been fortunate that great talent surrounded him, and he played the Larry King role. Push came to shove and he couldn't hang on to any audience because in truth he was never that interesting.

      The guy could not be luckier because his talent/earnings ratio is waaay off.

      Sorry he's sick and all, but in his professional life he should be thanking the lord above.

      Every single host at KGO of significance was more talented than him, and all of them put more into it. Even Gil Gross, who is a complete bore now, worked hard. Gene, Ray, Bernie, and others all worked harder than Ronn.

      Now he really is a complete bore, and since there's nothing leading in, and nothing coming out, he has become pretty much worthless. Someone mentioned he had AQH of 0.0? I am not surprised one bit,

    2. Ronn Owens has more interview skills in his little toe than you'd have in a lifetime, second only to Jan Black, his wife. Before I ever worked at KGO, I was interviewed by both, on the same day. I"d done hundreds of radio interviews all over the country at that time. Theirs were by far the best. They both knew how to ask questions no one else anywhere had, and how to listen and how to make the person being interviewed reveal more than planned. This is not easy to do, and I've not heard anyone do it better, ever. Jan did an "appointment" radio show on KCBS, back when they did some talk.

    3. OMG, I actually have to agree fully with Christine on this one. First time. Say what you want about Ronn and his ego, but his interviewing skills and balanced analysis is unparalleled. He is very well versed on all topics.

  7. Lieberman's comment on Ronn Owens are degusting. He did not disappoint me in his comment I couldn't wait to see what he had to say. And sure enough. Rich don't think enough is enough. You just wish you were in his shoes. Your jealousy and hate of Ronn Owens we all get it. Time to stop please.

    1. I'm not jealous nor do I "hate" him. Never have, never will.

      And, please, sir/madam: NO, YOU "stop." It's my place --nobody put a gun to your head and said you had to come here. If you're suffering a bad case of vibes then please, do not come here and experience it, it' save you and me.

    2. Isn't Rich already beating Ronnnn with his "radio show"? Rich's juggernaut will leave nobody spared!

    3. Absolutely ...
      No one should be spared including me.

  8. Lieberman's tasteless comments about Owens say far more about him than they do about Ronn.

    Normal people, upon hearing disturbing health news about another human being, even someone they dislike, have the good sense to say something kind or at least say nothing at all.

    Lieberman, on the other hand, is incapable of even a modicum of restraint and is can not stem the tide of his own animosity toward Mr. Owens. He criticizes the timing of the announcement, the motives for making the announcement, the placement within Owen's own show of discussing his illness.

    Really disappointing and sad.

    1. No, consistent and honest and more importantly, transparent, Mr. Anonymous--again, I'll call YOU out: who are YOU?

      Wait. Never mind.

  9. I don't care for Liz Cook at all but I have to admit Nightbeat seems to work better with her then VDLC. It seems less forced and her style that I do not think works on the adult news at 11PM seems to be refreshing and natural at 10PM.

  10. Rich you are truly a petty, hateful, little man. As much as I enjoy a lot of the interesting and informative information you deliver on this site, I don't know how much longer I can read some of your post like today. I use to feel some anger toward you, but now I feel nothing but pity. I truly feel sorry for you and how sad you think your life is that you must lash out the way you consistently do. I hope you someday find peace with yourself, then you could possibly find peace with others.

    1. I most certainly would not want to contribute to your mental faculty being affected to what I say here so I advise to leave here and listen to Rupert Pupkin tapes.

      Thanks and have a nice day.

      Sincerely, "Little Man."

  11. On Monday, Rich bashes KGO (deservedly) for claiming to be a news and information station, but being on autopilot when a significant temblor hits during the night. Then on Wednesday, he's bashing them for hiring someone to avoid that problem in the future.

    On Monday, Rich praises KGO-TV, KPIX, KNTV, KTVU and KRON for their coverage of the quake. By Wednesday, he's pissin' on 'PIX and KTVU, and bitching about KCBS.

    You know, it's possible Stan Bunger was out of town for the weekend and his two cents wouldn't have added anything to the mix. It's also possible he rebuffed your lunch invitation, so you now have a perpetual hardon about him. And what does Bitker have to do with any of this?

    And by the way, the second station I heard mention the quake, after KCBS, was KNBR. It seems someone called into the CBS Sports Radio program they were airing in the 3:00 hour and described the quake, so KNBR did have mention of it fairly soon after it occurred. They didn't stick with it, but then they're a sports station airing a *national* sports program off the bird, and KGO should have been covering it from their own studio right down the hall.

    Rich, you act like your role here is to bash and trash everyone and every station. You've turned into the bridge troll; unless they feed you (food or information), you crap on them. For someone with such poor writing skills (grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.) and sloppiness of thinking, you'd do well to learn from many of these folks instead of instinctually pissing on everyone else. Have you any class?

    And I agree with the other commenters, it's tacky and classless to dump on Ronn Owens for fessing up about his Parkinson's. Ronn's health issues are neither your business nor mine, and if he chooses now to go public about his health, you have no place criticizing him. It's obvious to anyone who is sentient that he'd already spoken to David Wiegant at the Chronicle, that an article ran on Monday, and the timing of his segment about the Parkinson's was timed to occur right after the article appeared. The quake happened thirty hours earlier, Owens talking about it could wait a few minutes more, and wasn't likely to accomplish anything more.

    This started out as an interesting place to visit, but you've turned it into a cesspool of negativity. Mazel tov, boychik.

    1. Then leave.
      Get the hell out.
      Bye bye, tripe.

      Truth is, you can't,'re addicted, I know, it's insatiable.

      Take care and enjoy your Sweetjack coupons.

  12. I agree with 11:48, 12:26, and 12:40.
    You all make cogent points about Rich Lieberman and the content of his blog.

    I am amazed that all three of you manage to express so well the exact same things I was thinking while reading Lieberman's postings about Owens and the earthquake over the last several days.

    He is the grouchy old guy who complains about everything. And if there's really nothing to complain about, he'll complain anyway.

    1. "Today, I will complain over a juicy 42-ounce porterhouse steak and steamed asparagus at Mortons, life's a bitch."

      Sincerely, Groucho Lieberman

    2. Not surprising that Rich Lieberman imagines eating 42 ounces of meat is something others would envy.

  13. At 9 AM, on Monday, the quake was 29 hours and 40 minutes old. Every station in the area (Radio and TV) had been carrying coverage for about 28 hours ... allowing for lag time getting coverage up and running.

    The article about Ronn had JUST appeared in the paper, and on SFGATE. Ronn made the right decision about the order of topics.

    I worked with Ronn for many years, until the mid '90's. I promise you that he did not make that decision based on his ego - which he has never denied he has, in abundance, and jokes about often. My guess is that, given he knew that the article was to be released on Monday morning, he began weighing the best balance for the show immediately after the quake struck.

    Had he led with discussion of the quake, you'd have been all over him for "ducking a personal issue," "playing coy," ... or any one of a dozen desperate means of criticism.


  14. I guess, everyone, that at the end of the day, this IS Rich's blog - and 1) he can pretty much say whatever he wants in it, and he's right to invite you nay-sayers not to read it anymore if you don't like it, and 2) isn't kvetching really sort of what a blog is all about? How many of them just ooze with kindness and uncontroversial postings? Just sayin'

  15. Lots of criticism today, Rich. They are right, of course. You ARE a bully. You can brand this blog anyway you want and brush off the criticism with smug "zingers," but the truth is, people are wise to you. Enjoy your steak. You're still a putz.

  16. > *More annoying than "Live and Local", KPIX's dreadful 10 PM CW Sports header,
    > "GAME ONNNNN!" --Oh, please, shut up!

    ...And KPIX's dreadful 10 PM CW Guess the Airport Code during weather. KPIX's dreadful 10 PM CW VDLC's hair half in front, half in back. KPIX's dreadful 10 PM CW VDLC "You GO, grrl!" persona, KPIX's dreadful 10 PM CW "guys without ties" segment. KPIX's dreadful 10 PM CW framing everyone so close their noses almost leak into my living room. KPIX's dreadful 10 PM CW "trending!" exclamations. The list goes on and on.

  17. Rich: don't let the haters get you down. I'm surprised none of these morons have called you an antisemite. That's the usual first line of attack by the Blowensteinnnnn brigade. The fact the man has an illness does not erase the fact that he was a spineless, gutless jackass the day after the guillotine came down at KGO. Are we supposed to forget that infamous day because he's ill? HELL NO! Keep up the good work big boy. For every detractor you have three of us stand by you. We are the silent majority. Btw great work on KOMY. Your stream of consciousness today in the first hour is an instant classic!

  18. Da Lin still has a job? Now, THAT'S a story!!

  19. I listened to Ron Owens for maybe 20 years, beginning in 1988 when I was in school. For years, I thought he was the absolute best. Then along came Gene Burns, who I thought was the absolute best ever. And he was and still is the man to beat.

    I don't much care for Ron since the big blowup, but occasionally listen to him here and there. I don't think he's as good as he used to be, but that's OK. Everything runs its course, Ron has run his. That's not supposed to be a ding. He had his time and he excelled during it. That's nothing to be ashamed of. But he does seem to be hanging on now, resting on his laurels.

    It's a shame that KGO still pretends that they're even worth listening to. I have found that Ed Baxter and/or John Rothman are on on 910 from 10:00 a.m. to 1;00 p.m. and they are a better alternative to KGO these days.

    1. Yes, you are right about Ed Baxter and John Rothman, John and Gene was always my 2 favorites, then Ronn. Unfortunately 910 have made some really dumb programming decisions the past 1 year or so, like Joel and Corey (they got to the worst of the worst) Gil talking to himself mostly for 4 hours, now they have a 3 hours slot they need to fill. They could continue to rotate hosts, or split the show between Ed and John (1 for 3 days, the other for 2) but, I have no confidence in their programming, I think they will go for cheap rather and the best, which probably will leave out John and Ed, I don't think either of them are desperate for money, thus will not work for pocket change. Although I think John truly enjoys being on the radio, he loves to take calls and interact with the callers, but I still think he won't for pennies.

  20. KCBS has no competition as the only news radio station in town. No surprise that their standards are have fallen due to their own arrogance as well.

  21. "Lots of criticism today, Rich. They are right, of course. "

    Much of it is from the same person.

  22. I remember listening to Ronn Owens in the 1970's when he was the young host in his mid-20's among the likes of Owen Spann and Jim Eason. Ronn had fun shows with rock trivia, restaurant reviews, and status-class-tacky. He would complain about his "two bum marriages", but then he married Jan Black and they lived happily ever after. I stopped listening to talk radio when I realized how stupid the callers are.