Tuesday, August 12, 2014

This Is How It Looked on CNN When It Was Announced That Robin Williams Was Dead

{Don Lemon of CNN}

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  1. As a news and talk show junky I believe Michael Savage and Tom Leykis had the best shows pertaining to the RW passing. I've heard a few segments of Gil Gross' podcasts with Gilbert Gottfried, Brian Copeland and Louie Anderson. They were adequate but pretty much interchangeable.
    As for 2:01s comments I think they're accurate. Let's brace for Karel's take on RW's passing by him telling us about his depression and how he can't pay his bills etc.

    1. Do you mean Karel will spin it into Karel's depression and lack of money?
      Because I don't think Karel could focus a whole show on anyone except himself.

  2. Williams' death really knocked a lot of stuff off the grid, but Ivan Watson's report (which opens this clip) on the rescue of those refugees was some chilling stuff.

  3. Predictions of Walter Caine, the Sand Turtle; Karel will talk about his 'husband's" death, and how as the agrrieved, Karel has not been given the sympathy and understanding that a hetro widower would 'instantly' receive. Karel will further address the many ways that Robin William stole jokes from the gay community. So sayeth Walter Caine!!
    and later threw them far under the bus as he climbed to international fame.