Thursday, August 21, 2014

Super Defense Lawyer, Michael Cardoza, Guests on My KSCO-KOMY Radio Show Today From 2-3 PM; The Topic: Mike Brown/Ferguson

 TODAY, from 2-3 PM, I interview noted defense attorney and former prosecutor, Michael Cardoza. You can click on the radio icon at the top of the upper-right icon on the blog or listen here live. A podcast will be up later for On-Demand listening.

We will talk about the Michael Brown issue and Ferguson where a Grand Jury has been summoned.

Cardoza has been a legal commentator for CNN, MsNBC, Larry King and gives great, no-nonsense analysis.

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  1. For the love of everything that is sacred, will you please not rehash the whole case and then ask five minute questions to Cardoza? I'll be tuned in and try not to pull my hair if you constantly interrupt...

  2. Ask him what.we can legally do about Obama and the corrupt Democrats in public office here in California.

  3. Your radio show ROCKS Rich! I listen to it every time I can. But your blog is the best! Keep the interesting rumors coming. It sounds as if you have some good 'spies' getting you the dish behind the scenes at the local stations. We love to hear what the latest is!