Friday, August 15, 2014

KTVU Could Use Some Sage Advice: Wayne and Rendon On The Weekend Anchor Desk


 Since coming to KTVU last year we've always admired the hard-working, informative, engaging and most-talented reporter, Cristina Rendon

We go one step further.

We offer, free of charge, a power-couple extraordinaire of anchors on the weekend.

Ken Wayne and Rendon: There's only one two.

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  1. I like it just the way it is... I think you have a gripe against Heather and suggesting she be replaced is away to Piss her off... Now I could see Claudine Wong replacing Tori Cambell on the weekday news and Allie Rasmus taking her place on the weekend morning anchor. what do you think?

  2. Ally Rasmus>>>Cristina Rendon

    Cristina Rendon>=H Holmes

  3. Surely you can't be suggesting anyone replacing the lovely vixen Heather Holmes. With her wedding ring having moved to a different finger, the story is just getting interesting.

  4. What is with the heather holmes lust? She's weird looking? Her eyes are too close together, her face is compressed too. She doesn't even had a good body to make up for that. I just don't get it. I think Julie Haener is a better looking blond at that station. Ally Rasmus, Claudine Wong, Gasia M., and many others are far better looking that holmes. I just don't get it.

  5. Is there a chance that some TV channel gave you your own TV show? ... The new news reporters (gen x, y, and z) could really learn from a master sage like you!?

  6. @9:28
    Spot-on. But not only are Ally, Claudine, Julie and Gasia better looking, they're focused on presenting the news in a professional manner rather than trying to gaze into the camera with forced come-hither looks.

    1. I'm 9:28 and I totally agree with you, 8:20.

  7. I think I might be a HH fan. ..she is just sexy!

  8. Christina is on....good