Sunday, July 27, 2014

Terry McSweeney, Marty Gonzalez And Peggy Bunker: Bay Area TV Anchor Weekend Warriors

TK Terry McSweeney has settled into a nice gig down in San Jose at NBC Bay Area anchoring the weekend news at 5, 6 and 11 p.m. and reports during the week.

 Marty Gonzalez, a two-decade weekend anchor/reporter for KRON: steady, reliable, all-business delivery and quality news delivery, network material. Like Heenan, we take him for granted.

McSweeney is solid, commands the screen and is one fine ad-libber. He also seems to have established some good chemistry with newcomer, Peggy Bunker.



  1. Bravo for giving Terry and Marty their props! Just getting used to Peggy, but it must be fun working with Terry......the San Francisco treat!

  2. love me some Peggy Bunker!

  3. I've noticed the strangest thing with Ann Nororangelo (sp?). When she's reporting on assignment she's top notch - clear, concise, emotes clearly - a professional delivery of news..

    But when she's anchoring weekends on KPIX, all of a sudden she loses control of her voice box. Squeeks, inappropriate emphasis, randomness in delivery.

    What gives? Does she freak out when the big eye is on her?

  4. So Peggy took Diane Dwyers spot? No longer doing the weekday Noon News?

  5. I'd like to establish some chemistry with Peggy Bunker, if you know what I mean...

  6. Terry McSweeney was one of my favorite reporters to work with when I was a photog at the "old" KNTV back in the 1980's: Super-fast/great writer...dry sense of humor...great guy to shoot the breeze/talk baseball in the car on the way to and from stories. My only complaint was that he was a die-hard Giants fan--and I a die-hard Dodgers fan. Other than this, a great guy to work with back in the day...

    1. You can tell he hasn't changed....always fun to watch.