Monday, July 14, 2014

A Little Monday Night Class--NY State of Mind PM Finale

{Mr. Billy Joel and Mr. Tony Bennett}

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  1. No one in the Bay Area is supposed to say this, but Tony Bennett should stop performing, because his stage voice is about gone. He's doing more damage to whatever pipes he still has. Singing from the wrong part of the esophagus, IMO. Well better that, than he starts giving his progressive talking points. His son says Tony loses fans each time he says WW2 was 'not worth fighting'. Just hush, Tony. I respectfully ask you to 'just shut up and sing'.

    1. Anonymous 2:03pm - Are you criticizing Mr. Bennett's voice, or his political ideals? First, do Mr. Bennett's vocal limitations affect you in any way possible. If it hurts your ears, then don't listen. Next, Mr. Bennett's vocal phrasing is what makes him the phenomenal entertainer that he is, IMO, I'm going to guess you wouldn't know how to entertain on any Bay Area street corner, much less a coliseum full of people. As for Mr. Bennett's comments about war, he fought in WW2. Did you? I'll guess that's a NO. And, if he has any criticism of any war, he is someone who served our country and is entitled to say anything he wants. And, unless you can site where he DID say "WW2 was 'not worth fighting' " perhaps it is you, "Anonymous", who should "just hush".

      BTW, thanks Rich for the You Tube clip. If only they were singing "I Left My Heart".