Wednesday, June 4, 2014

You All Who Screamed Out Loud To 415 Media Wednesday

 You spoke loud and clear. I hear you. All of you even the schlemiels --and you were vocal. I mean, damn!

So I'm re-evaluating because I don't want to disappoint those of you that come here and have certain expectations.

I never said I was going to ignore them and for the 7000th time I was never punked, never. Not being defensive just honest. Honestly.

And I wasn't beaten up and mauled. I told an associate today that the story remains the same. That ship has reached its port and there's nothing new to report. I mean, how many times do you want me to say that the mattress guy sucks?

Nobody got to me. They have some pretty fucked-up people over there and I just figured it was and is time to move on. The initial story remains the same --nothing has changed. On the other hand I heard all the commotion and I don't want to alienate you guys. So yes, again, you have spoken. And I owe you all at least a reassessment. That doesn't mean I'm going to change my mind, maybe more reflection and analysis.

I shall ponder into the night and day. I love to ponder. Story of my life, pondering.

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  1. Keep it coming, Rich. The Yonn Glowens thing just killed me.

  2. james farnlacherJune 4, 2014 at 9:33 PM

    Wth happened to Dominick Braccia executive producer at Armstrong&Getty? This story is on fire.... Where's Rich? I know non-story in your opinion.

    1. James, I missed the A&G program last few days. I know the cast of characters. So please tell us here, what makes you ask about Dominick. Was he MIA yesterday or acting unusually strange? What up? Side Note; I have heard more than enough about Vince's weight loss. Vince has a great voice, and should try getting work as a cartoon character.

  3. Fired by Clear Channel Doing a podcast, now.

    ‏@DominickBrascia ·6h This is not a fight between me an AandG. Its cc and me..why would Joe tell me they were working 2 get me back.. STOP tryin to do that.

  4. Good job, Rich! Thanks for reassessing and thinking of your growing list of supporters.

    Wonder where Cumulus / KGO will treat those who do the All Stars Debate for dinner? Any ideas? Are drinks included? I heard that Bill Wattenburg was invited to keep Karel in line. Also rumored that Karel was given Sweet Jack coupons and told to eat at McDonald's at the airport and to "STFU!" before flying back to Long Beach.

    Also, if Mo' Langan does the debate as advertised and does her on-air show 10-1 Sunday, how come Karel gets the night off? Doesn't sound fair to me! Fire the schmuck.

  5. Can you please explain to me how you WEREN'T punk'd? I really dont understand. You keep saying "the story hasn't changed" but i don't think most of us are clear on which story you're referring to. do you mean the story about them switching back to talk hasnt changed? because i feel like if that were true, the chron and merc would have reported on it by now. if you WERE tricked, it's no big deal. it happens sometimes. admit that they fooled you and move on. no shame in that.

  6. Have you ever considered seeing a psychiatrist?

  7. It takes a lot for me to boot up the old laptop for anything in this day of "smart" phones, but the computer keyboard is on and ready to roar…. You're doing fine, Rich. Don't let the no (k)gos knock you down. You DO rattle my feminist chain when you start blog drooling over the female tonsils (as if objection of women never occurs in any nook or granny of the media.) Who cares if someone has a nice rack, or is drop dead gorgeous? IF a "looker" can't read and report news effectively, I'd rather get my necessary information from the net and read it out loud to myself. In light of that, the media drama you publish is VERY entertaining. Sometimes I need a cypher to decode your references, but it beats any potboiler soap on TV (especially since I have worked with some of the stations you cover and may know some of the jerks, er workers, you bring up.) Besides, your recent stream of thought post about 1972 was a nice stroll down memory lane for me. East Bay folk need to stand up for each other. Anyone who mentions C/Kasper's in my book is top notch! Take care, RL!

  8. James farnlacherJune 5, 2014 at 12:47 PM

    A Dominick braccia & Rich Lieberman show would make for some telling radio

  9. Well I hated the A&G aftershow but continued to listen to it and actually I did end up liking it alittle. I dont think Vince has a good radio voice. I was happy to hear he quit whinning on the radio. Oh well, I wish Dominic good luck and as the saying goes, when one door closes....