Monday, June 2, 2014

KQED Fuss In The Engineering Dept; Marzullo and Daetz at KGO-TV; KRON Normalcy; Monday Opener From The 'Super Dupee'

 Monday Opener

*There's a lot of grumbling over at KQED, particularly the guys in the engineering dept. who complain of heavy-handed anti-union, "militaristic" tactics. One long timer who recently retired was ordered to report to HR, asked for a steward, was refused, and was verbally shouted down and quite shook up. Maybe the pledge brakes are running dry.

*Katie Marzullo and Ama Daetz are probably on the short list to replace Carolyn Johnson over at KGO-TV. Marzullo, by all accounts, is a hard worker and does a lot of prep. Although she lacks in personality, her style of anchoring is warm and engaging plus she's very much well-liked by the staff. That's why Daetz will inevitably be chosen. Although a few folks at 900 Front are put off by Daetz' standoffish persona, she's pleasant enough in front of the camera and that's the only thing that counts.

*Add KGO: Kristin Sze, the morning reader would very much like a nighttime gig too although those in the know say Sze is still not ready for prime time.

*Just when I was getting comfortable with KNTV's Terry McSweeney and Diane Dwyer, Dwyer's reign at NBC Bay Area is coming to an end. Her last show is this Sunday. Dwyer and management couldn't resolve a workable schedule and the money was being cut, so she'll depart, do some special projects for the station and continue to teach at Berkeley. End result: KNTV loses a pretty good weekend anchor duo due to ego and cash. The usual suspects.

*Over at Comcast SportsNetBayArea, two of the biggest enchiladas; one works on the set, the other is a prominent off-set participant "have issues." One would assume they'll be dealt with accordingly.

*So much to say so much to think about you'd think I would be duped.

*From now on I'd like to be known as the Super Dupee.

*KRON is positively normal to the point where I'm getting people asking what's going on? Hey, at least they trudge forward. By the way, the move to 900 Front looks certain now to be in the late last quarter.

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  1. Wouldn't be surprised if the mighty Circle 7 went elsewhere to look for CJ's replacement. Jennings can hold down the fort. The challenge:

    Jennings: Old
    Sze: Ditzy
    Daetz: Hollywood ( doesn't play in Bay Area )
    Marzullo: Young

    Watched an ND from KRON/KOVR once reviewing tapes. Here's what he said.

    "Looking for the best looking gal in the hood, just a hint of cleavage, nice legs, who doesn't threaten women with her looks, and ( most importantly ) doesn't ad-lib us into a lawsuit."

    He hired Jennifer Whitney, and passed on a "bombshell" heir apparent at KOVR. Whitney had it all, even better than Johnson. She could have easily moved up, but opted to move out of the biz.

    1. And the "bombshell" heir apparent ended up in Boston, no?

    2. OMG!!!
      Jennifer Whitney, such a solid anchor during her time @KOVR.

  2. Katy may be 'young' but her fans in Santa Maria, San Luis Obispo can vouch for her "personality." Actually, she has abundance, if not working with dry stiffs like Arturo Santiago at both CBS 12 and Fox.11.

    Go Katy, go!

    If Circle 7 is looking for someone who oozes through the screen, Katy won't be it. Then again, the boobs - and legs candidates are just that and pricey too. Give Katy a chance. Attractive, a worker, dedicated and well liked. She "could" be sensational ifallowed to loosen up a little. Honest.

    1. She's 37 who says that's young?

  3. "KRON is positively normal to the point where I'm getting people asking what's going on? Hey, at least they trudge forward."

    The a.m. crew--with the exception of Mark and James--treat the broadcast as though it's a televised version of the National Enquirer or People magazine. And if they're not indulging in vapid celebrity items, they're sensationalizing local news in an effort to rile viewers.

    1. And that's how the game is played. It's to wake up the sleepy heads. Good to do? Probably not, but welcome to the world of tabloid tee-wee.

    2. @3:20
      Given the soaring number of poorly informed Americans, looks like a great deal of them are still asleep.

  4. I looked at Katie's Facebook site...she appears to be the hard working, unassuming work ethic type. GREAT legs.

    1. > GREAT legs.

      Ah, now the truth comes out! ;-)

  5. My vote is for Ama Daetz. She is great in front of the camera.

    P.S. I will miss Diane Dwyer. I loved her when she was on KTVU. KNTV is losing everyone I like.

  6. If KGO doesn't give the job to Ama Daetz they should do some outreach and hire
    Claudine Wong for that slot.

  7. The bottom line on kGO. To survive, as a business, they need some 1,3 million listeners in the 35+ demographic almost 24 hours a day. Now, they have 422,000. KQED has a million or more, KCBS close behind. Others in the top ranks have 900,000+.

    All those listeners to KGO aren't all left sided democrats, either. The people must come out in mass at mover twice the level of current size for KGO to just be in the top 5. They make lots less money if they are below #6.

    Then, it must be figured how to convert "younger" listeners from FM to AM, the toughest job of all. The 55+ audience is, unfortunately, just window dressing to advertisers who don't depend on that audience.

    1. 12:18, It could be done!

      I picture a whole new AM Radio resurgence!
      You put outstanding/flashing ads all over the country:
      All over the nation they can pick up AM Radio on Cel phones.

      American Cities could start...What's L.A. Talking About.
      What's Boston Talking About, What's The Twin Cities Talking About.
      Of course, San Francisco would be the very coolest Station!

      There's a whole lot that America could be talking about!
      Everything old...always comes back in style again.
      It just needs a new clever twist!

  8. "*Over at Comcast SportsNetBayArea, two of the biggest enchiladas; one works on the set, the other is a prominent off-set participant "have issues." One would assume they'll be dealt with accordingly."

    Could this be any less informative? Why even bother posting this?

    1. You know what they say about "assume." Nothing to see here. Please move forward.

    2. Why not name names? This means nothing whatsoever. What are you afraid of?

  9. Does anyone understand the brain of dumb right wingers? An American pow is released and instead of celebrating his release these morons are engaging in a full frontal attack on the pow and the president. Why do I torture myself listening to the likes of Chuckie Freedman on KSCO!? Rich where are you? We need Lieberman Live to bring some balance to the air waves

    1. Call Zwerling at KSCO and talk with him personally abouut Rich.

      Keep in mind, that good thing about Rich is that he is more than capable of listening to both sides of an issue - not just one. That means he may irk you 50% of the time. However, Chuck Freeman is a one-trick hater. Too old and not relevant. Tell that to MZ.

      To your point, it's the liberal media throwing the offense about this issue with the POW. The fact is, while the media fights over the social media aspects of the story and the Repubs are only part of the argument, there is more behind it. Being AWOL is against the rules.

      The POW was held captive for five years, released in a trade for 5 Taliband. However, the media is playing on the point that the sergeant may have deserted his men, an that his freedom may have cost five American lives. Hero or not? The fact is, he did leave his men. Was he looking to desert? And at what cost? Blame the media and mioptic one-sided small market hacks like Freedman.

    2. @12:53 We all realize you're just another of the left wing sheep that can't think for themselves so let me help you out a little bit....the Obama administration released this AWOL POW who criticized the military and his country prior to leaving his pot and getting himself captured to take the national attention away from the VA scandal going into an election season. Yet another scandal at the hands of the Democrats. You can't be this dense can you?

    3. You're telling only 1/2 of the story. The Taliban Terror Dream Team was released from Gitmo in exchange for this American soldier. Who got the better deal in this "negotiation"?

    4. It's you who don't understand. The guy deserted his post. Guys in World War II were courts martialed and shot for that.

      I suspect the reason you don't understand is because to a leftist, the world is various shades of gray. To a conservative, it's black and white. We're raised that way, back in the midwest especially and then in the south as well. There's no room for in between most of the time.

      Why are people in the midwest and south that way? Because we're not wealthy. I firmly believe the Bay Area and much of California are this way because the economy has been so good for so many people for so long that nothing really overrides feeling good and eating good food and drinking wine and watching the sunsets. Why screw it all up with morals and all that structure?

      Yes, California is big but it's not THAT big. We're not the United States of California and we sure as hell are not the United States of San Francisco. You wish!

    5. The right wing echo chamber never ceases to amaze. If this soldier had turned up beheaded on YouTube, instead of released thanks to Obama then the right wing and hacks like Chuckie Friedman would be up in arms with faux indignation that Obama hadn't done enough; or are you idiots going to assert that if this soldier had been executed by the Taliban then tea baggers like Charles Friedman would go on air and celebrate this soldier's demise because he had "left his post"? You fools are such hypocrites along the lines of guys who cruise public bathrooms and hide behind the "wide stance" defense...

    6. Hypoocrites are not limited to the right.

      How about that Leland Yee, and his anti-gun politics, vs. his pro-illegal gun buying reality?

      I could go on...

    7. I don't care what amazes you! There are about three hundred and twenty million Americans, a little more than half of whom live in states that vote very predictably red. Red states are getting redder and blue states getting bluer with most all of the job, population and therefore economic growth being on the red side. That's a FACT.

      This is not the United States of California. You do not have a Constitutional right to not be offended. The country isn't an echo chamber for you and if that hasn't yet been made clear allow me to do you the favor.

    8. And I don't care for your pseudo analysis of red and blue composition in the USA. The main issue here is that no matter what Obama does the haters and right wing hacks like Charles Friedman on KSCO are going to criticize him. Predictable buffoons. The conspiracy theorists are already working overtime to make a scandal out the pow release.

    9. > Why are people in the midwest and south that way? Because we're
      > not wealthy.

      Well, not since slavery ended. Sorry 'bout that.

      > I firmly believe the Bay Area and much of California are
      > this way because the economy has been so good for so many people
      > for so long

      Maybe you're putting the cart before the horse? Or, perhaps the "gray" people are wealthier than you yokels *because* we can see shades of gray? Look at the other countries in the world that see black and white. Then look at the ones that don't. Informative, eh?

    10. California is so wealthy because people keep coming here from all over the world to eat the food, drink the wine, watch the sunsets and indulge their fantasies. They don't come from all over the world to drink Ohio's water.

      So, fine. Oh...and by the way, I'm living in a million dollar home in Danville with significant equity and two really nice cars out front that we owe very little money on. And we're conservative and damn proud of it and we're not going anywhere. We're certainly not the majority in the Bay Area but I assure you we're not stupid and we're not going anywhere. She and I and our friends will be right here frustrating you as much as we possibly can at every turn.

    11. You got it, 7:29!
      "Bowe Bergdahl Is the Right’s New Benghazi!"
      Buckle up: The right is going to try to turn the Taliban prisoner swap for ‘deserter’ Bowe Bergdahl into a Willie Horton moment for the president—and they’ll ride it to January 2017.

    12. rootvg,
      You really should move-on to a Red State of your choice or stop complaining about our west-coast more evolved, humane, empathic and compassionate vibe. It's been discovered, human populations living near great bodies of water have a higher level of emotional intelligence, a fact.
      Seriously, we all need to just relax and go with the flow into a new more evolved level of reality. It's happening naturally.

      "Compassion will cure more sins than condemnation.” -Henry Ward Beecher

      “Compassion is the antitoxin of the soul"
      -Eric Hoffer

      "Empathy is about standing in someone else's shoes, feeling with his or her heart, seeing with his or her eyes. Not only is empathy hard to outsource and automate, but it makes the world a better place". -Daniel Pink

    13. What are you gonna do about it if I don't?

  10. Circle 7 should not give Daetz the CJ spot - I can't see Dan Ashley and her together permanently - CJ never tried to overshadow DA - and Daetz loves to be the center of attention - so Katy M would be a better pairing if they are promoting from within.

  11. I am in the Katie camp!!

  12. For CJ's replacement on KGO TV - Marzullo absolutely puts me to sleep - no "connection" at all with the audience, and a truly boring delivery. Daetz is apparently the prime contender. What about someone like Carolyn Tyler, who used to be an anchor? I really miss Johnson - she had just the right touch. (Maybe she'll ultimately come back....she won't like the LA station, KGO will reconsider and not cut her salary - after they lose viewers and ratings - blah blah.)

  13. If the guy or gal at KQED was really retired, why even show up for an HR summons? Tell them to shove it. This doesn't pass the smell test.

  14. Ama cares nothing about the news. She wants the fame. Katie is smart, a hard worker and is actually interested in what she's saying. Katie is well liked. Ama is not,

  15. Katy deserves to be on KSFO...Keep her there!
    She's typical RightWing Selfish Republican Attitude: