Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy and Sad at the Same Time--Deacon Blues on Father's Day

{Steely Dan - featuring the great Donald Fagan)

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  1. Dear Rich, Love coming here and hearing your music selections. Thank You.

    Don't know if you'll post this, but people need to realize the Koch Brothers are now orchestrating Politics via American Talk Radio.

    The last Virgina Election where Eric Cantor was voted-out and replaced by a Tea Party Professor. Dave Brat's creation was planned way back, with big money paying Talk Show Hosts: Mark Levin and Laura Ingraham to influence the voters.

    DARK MONEY...This is where RightWing Talk Radio is going!

    While every Lib Talk Radio Program has been extinguished as of 1/1/14.
    Dark Money is making inroads into RightWing Propaganda Talk Radio.
    The America people need to be aware that Koch Brother's, OUR AMERICAN PLUTOCRACY, is taking over our airwaves and the nation!

    If you only watch the first 10 minutes...
    It's something we very much should be concerned with.

    The Buying Of Our Radio Airwaves!
    Germany's Hitler would have been thrilled to have such access!