Tuesday, June 24, 2014

415 Media Exclusive: GM Raponi To Leave KTVU; Headed to Boston Fox TV Statiom


*Two independent sources tell me that Tom Raponi, the GM at KTVU, is headed to the Boston Fox affiliate, (for now).

*KTVU ND, Lee Rosenthal might be the next.

*Whirlwind of activity at Channel 2's Jack London Square Studios --staffers in state of shock and disbelief.

*Rich Lieberman 415 Media Exclusive



  1. A new broom sweeps cleaner.

  2. Well, that station in Boston just hit an iceberg. Pity them.

  3. Bye bye... he's to blame for the mood in that place.

  4. Aha, the truth comes out. It was he who was the prankster responsible for the mischievous and devilish graphics on the News.

  5. The key is removing Raponi & Rosenthal. Once that's done, the rest of the KTVU staff - at least those respected by FOX all along - may be in for a nice surprise. Other staffers can be rid of a little easier. It's removing the GM & ND that's usually difficult, and FOX just began to remove these poisonous figures at Channel 2. The future may be brighter than the KTVU staff might think.

  6. And I thought those sounds in Oaktown were gunfire. Must have been champagne corks popping.

  7. From Boston...you will love the new GM...but if you get the idiot ND from Fox Boston good luck......he's good with news but a TERRIBLE people person.

    1. That's not good news,,we just got rid of one who had the same "unique" qualities...Paul McGonagle.

  8. Another Boston****worked at WFXT for 3 years....If you get the WFXT News Director he's a mixed bag......the ND will talk all about "team", working together, "how his door is always open" etc. But he's a snake. You could break the biggest story of the year on Monday and he'll praise you to high heaven, but make a mistake on Tuesday and he'll cut you right back down.

    With reporters he consistently leaves them hanging on their contracts til a week or two before renewal and when he finally presents it to them it's for a small raise but more often a pay cut. So many reporters, Thank God, have had the guts to tell him to shove it and moved on to bigger and better things.

    He loves your suggestions as long as you don't tell him "how to run his newsroom!!"

    If you get "Paul" from Boston as your News Director..good luck, you'll need it.