Friday, May 2, 2014

KGO-TV Paranoia and Denial-They Respond to Jennings/Christian Report and I Respond in Kind; 900 Front Dysfunction

 So, we now have KGO-TV responding to my report--finally.

This is the same news operation that hasn't even acknowledged one of its core anchors is leaving.

Of course when you have a mini-mutiny in the newsroom where no one has any trust nor like for the News Director you have grumpy denials with no one directly quoted.

You have this:

This is the latest in a long string of inaccurate and venomous ramblings by a local individual on his personal website” KGO said in a statement sent to TVSpy. “His latest post regarding two beloved KGO employees is not true and further demonstrates that he and his so-called ‘sources’ have no actual knowledge of any of our business dealings.”

Was I wrong here?

Or here?

That's a 'long stream'.

And notice no one is directly quoted. KGO said in a statement Huh?

KGO is in a state of denial with a newsroom chock full of resentment and anger. No one has any faith in Tracey Watkowski and, by extension, her assistants. Of course nobody can talk but the general feeling is that Trixie is in way over her head and has zero people skills. "She's never been out there-- on the line--she's never been a reporter. All she is really is a bureaucrat," said one veteran staffer, who didn't want their name used for fear of retaliation. The staffer's words are shared by many. Any wonder why people are leaving KGO in droves lately? Just sit back and watch the abyss here, they're will be plenty of more skirmishes.

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  1. KGO is telling the truth.
    No one is leaving the station.
    Lieberman spreads lies on the Internet. about KGO.
    He has no sources at all.
    He just makes up his lies every day.
    Where are his sources?
    He has none.
    KGO needs to sue him and shut down his website.
    Looks like he is in big trouble now with KGO.

    1. This was posted by the ND Tracey and or her she-bitch AD Steph. Rich...they're nervous and on the ropes! Keep hitting your sources.

    2. 2:40 sounds like the mouse that bored.

  2. Work your sources, Rich.

  3. I have no idea if you were wrong about Heather I. or Carolyn J....citing that to help your case on Jennings and Christian isn't exactly convincing...maybe your report will end up keeping Jennings/Christian there!

  4. 2:40 says Rich makes up lies "every day," yet is obviously on the site every day. If you think Rich is lying, 2:40, why are you on his site? Do you regularly read the blogs of people you don't trust? Your post is ridiculous.

    1. Barry lies every day. Should we vacate the country?

      Rich is a big boy, let him fight his own purse fights.

    2. Easy. Some of us like outlandish fiction sometimes. Some like to see what "the other side is saying" (like Dems & Repubs) and some like the humor of it all. Rich has been caught with his pants down before, but, without shame, keeps picking himself up and coming back with more. Can't blame him for that. It is a "blog," - not the New York Times, after all. When and if Rich is disproved, it's his problem to deal with and his credibility at stake. He needs not try to trump shakey fact or innuendo with a pair of triumphs from the past, as more than an equal number have been misproven. "Barry lies" has nothing to do with the relevancy of a media blog. Rich relies on gossip and rumor and, for him and his purpose, that's ok. Again, he's not a journalist or a credited investigative reporter. It's a blog, kids, not a media connection. Rich is not an invitee to conference rooms or press conferences for what he does. He speculates to stir up entertainment. When he's right -- he's right. When he's wrong -- he's dead wrong.

  5. Listen, Tracey is nice enough. She is in a tough position. Does she have people skills? No. Is she a very cold person? Yes. Does she deserve most of the blame for what's going on at Circle 7? No.

    The corporate puppet, GM Bill Burton should shoulder all, if not, most of the blame re: Carolyn Jonson. That greasy, corporate culture that's coming from the top is really the problem and it's fracturing the newsroom. People aren't happy.

    Tracey does what she is told. She's no leader. The vitriol directed toward her is a little over the top.

  6. Finally a local station is irritated enough to address Lieberman's jealous gossip.column.

  7. Then do likewise, 7:34, and let 2:40 answer for him or herself.

  8. Congratulations Richie you hit the big time!

    Dear 2:40, uh, i.e. Tracey,

    Why would a multi-billion dollar empire like KGO/Disney threaten a blogger on the internet in his pajamas?? Really? Now we know Rich's older posts are on target:

    *For the most part, the staff hates your guts
    *Been "ordered" to slash spending
    *Bungled departures, new hires, and yell at staff on a regular basis
    *Rich broke the CJ, Heather departures, and yes, you are "trying" to dump Cheryl and Christian.

    Budget issues aren't the problem. You are the issue Ms.Trixie. KGO and the Bay Area deserve better. You my old friend, are simply a troublemaker.

    Its the truth.

  9. real journalistMay 3, 2014 at 9:55 AM

    Gossip columnists aren't journalists. They don't worry about getting the story right.

    Lieberman prints what he wants to believe, not credible, journalistic news.

  10. Lieberman ridiculously claims that because he was once partially right about one thing, he must always be right about everything.

    He's got it backwards. If he's pretending to be a journalist, he's supposed to be accurate and have double sourced all stories, all the time. Generally wrong/occasionally right doesn't cut it. Maybe for cheap gossip sheets but if you are pretending to be credible.

  11. That statement is clearly from the corner office. You think a department head would send something like that out? Come on. Clearly someone representing Jennings and/or Christian asked the station what's up. To get a response like that sent out requires some buttons to be pushed.

  12. Rich, it's so sad and pathetic what has happened to some of the iconic stations in the bay area on both radio and TV. There is still plenty of talent around everywhere but it's been diluted, cheapened, and consolidated. Those of us who have worked in the industry since the 1960s or 70s feel so lucky to have had jobs and made decent money during a much more creative and productive when bean counters didn't rule the day, and insecure nit wits didn't run the operations, Sure, we had some of them around then, but they were the exception, not the norm. I feel sorry for the youngsters who are being exploited today. They don't know anything about the past, nor do they care to know because they weren't around then and it doesn't matter to them. The collective lack of historical prospective among most young people in America, and for that matter, a majority of our citizens is truly disturbing. It's one of the main reasons why are best days are behind us. Sad!