Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Black Smoke Inside Bullet Points on that KGO "All-Star" Debate

 Black smoke rising KGO Debate


1. Ronn Owens is doing this "debate" only because he got a fairly good financial chit from the Black Smoke operatives in Atlanta.

2. Most of the participants are doing it because they don't want to rock the boat with management --you think they're fearful? You'd be right.

3. How bad is it when Karel--KAREL!! begs on and they place him and the loony 4th-tier comedienne from New Jersey on the stage. (Hey Ronn, nice way to upgrade the image for that HOF award you covet so much).

4. David Weintraub, Karel and Brian Copeland: 2 Men and a Baby. (This has to be a joke but it isn't).

5. If Brian Copey wasn't on the dais then surely Ronn wasn't attending --of course that grand he's getting would be close enough for a Google Glass purchase.

6. From the KGO marketing dept: Let's see, what's the most advantaged time we could place this "ALL-STAR" debate? On a Sunday down in San Jose from 1-4 when no one is listening, (like most of KGO anyway) and charge $8.10 (how cute)--maybe Karel could dance up the red carpet. I'm sure that would attract 10 people alone.

7. Some of the anti-KGO peeps are planning protests, (why bother?); I'd go there and just have a massive collective laugh when all the missives show up in front the of the half-empty theatre. You know KGO isn't going to embarrass itself--expect a lot of tickets being given away, after all, wouldn't YOU want to PAY to see that entertainer, Karel? And chefboyardee himself, Ryan Scott, the caped giggler with enough phony to rival a Reverend Ike convention.

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  1. It sounds like most the participants were involuntarily volunteered.
    I like that play on words and images; 3 Men & a Baby.
    The Black Smoke reminds me of what happens when a new Pope is chosen, where a thick plume of white smoke rises into the air once a successor has been named. I'm sure there is no corollation tween the two rituals.

  2. What's KGO, Rich? Is it a new app?

  3. Is there a lineup for this event? Where is it?

  4. My clinically diagnosed insane brother in-law thought he too was an all-star debater. Unfortunately, rocking back and forth in the corner of a room dimly lit by a one point two five watt Sylvania cfl light bulb and repeating the same thing over and over and over again doesn’t qualify him.

    If the station wants to sell tickets, put Ronn Owens in speedos and have him mud wrestle Karel. Just think of the commotion, the hysteria, THE HYPE!!!!!

    T-shirts, Calendars, Posters, Villain, Hero!!!! PAY PER VIEW!!!!!!

    We’re not talking a few lousy thousands of dollars here. We’re talking millions!!! Millions I say. Millions!!!!

  5. The image of chef Ryan Scott chauffeuring the "all-stars" in a chimichanga food truck to the venue is entertaining. As the food truck pulls up to the venue none other than Karel jumps out of the truck to roll out his very own and trusty red carpet for all to see. Of course Karel will be decked out in his best outfit: a pink kimono with strategically placed slits to show off his "body art". Lowenstein of course will be dressed to impress and will wear leather sandals to show off that legendary pedicure.
    If any KGO protesters are outside the venue Mel Baker will come over to confront each and everyone of you. He will wag his finger in your face and ask you to stop calling his line! He will say: radio has changed. Get over it and stop calling me. We are good people working here!!!

  6. I sure hope "Mary Rose" .....from the Texas traffic desk is there too.
    WAIT..... She will be on air screwing up all the participants names.....awesome.
    ....stupid traffic desk.

  7. Oh I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

    Is Craft invited to this wing-ding? How about the troubleshooter from Atlanta? How about Teddy the Dog?

  8. You must be effing joking. From the official KGOne press release: "Panelists will include Ronn Owens, Brian Copeland, Pat Thurston, Maureen Langan, Karel, Matt Ray and David Weintraub. Also making appearances will be Chef Ryan Scott, John Hamilton, Michael Finney and Brent Walters. The KGO All Star Debate will be moderated by KGO Afternoon News Anchor Bret Burkhart.

    Tickets are only $8.10 each,* and are on sale as of May 16th.

    *Additional fees will apply

    Additional fees? Like when people purposesly kick out the backs of the chairs/ Destroy the snack bar? Hang Karel like a pinata and beat the shit out of him again, like Dr. Bill did? Can you ask for a refund? Craft wasn't even invited, but Weintraub and Matt Ray were and Chef Scott? I think I've just wetted myself in laughter.

    Of course, with the Atlanta troubleshooter in town, they could surprise us. Few if any of these people would appear. Rather, they could open the curtain at the Montgovery Theater (on Market St. - San Jose) and there would be Ronn Owens, Ray Talifiero, Gill Gross (special guest), John Rothman, Len Tillem and Mike Amatori! Extra Special panelist guest might be (on pre-release) Bernie Ward! Now, that would be worth the price of admission.

  9. I still fondly remember the all star debates from years past. Like the one when Gene Burns brought wine to share with fellow all stars before the debate and once the debate started a few of them were a but tipsy. Isn't that the same debate where Dr. Wattenberg and Ray Taliafero almost came to blows? It is the time Wattenberg brought a tape recorder with speeches from all the major democrats supporting the Iraq war and he kept playing it over and over and over and over again to point out that it wasn't just Bush who wanted to attack Iraq. Those were the days! In fact didn't Lowenstein stop attending the debates after he felt Bernie Ward attacked him viciously during one debate?