Friday, May 30, 2014

'Live and Local' is Bullshit Radio Tripe

 The consultant's orgasm: Live and Local. No shit? Thanks for thinking of me, I was hoping for taped and International. Way to keep an audience.

Three local AM stations, one that leads the pack and dominates--another, part of the two-station albatross, has begun making this stupid slogan part of their ID.

Here's a radical idea: screw imbecile audio monikers, why not just give your listeners great and innovative content! They know, for God's sake that it's live and local, you stupid morons! You think you need sad-sack buffoonery like this to guide your efforts? Show a bit of plain damn common sense. Keep it real. Fake it if you have too, because innocuous slogans and hamstrung dipshit and artificial slogans ain't gonna cut it.

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  1. Well, wait. You can't, on the one hand, complain about how radio sucks because everything is boring, cookie-cutter syndicated programming... and then also complain when somebody tries to promote the fact they they aren't. I'm sure KRTY, when they start hitting back against NASH, will be using exactly this tactic, and why not? It's a way to separate yourself. Yes, having that "live & local content" be actually, y'know... GOOD is another issue, but still.

  2. I heard KCBS using the phrase the other day - well, of course it's live and local, it's a 24/7 LOCAL news station.

  3. Fake it and buffoonery? How about Radnich today using the brown sugar on you? Once again he said you and him are good friends. Is that true? "Richie and I made up". As the con man went on he explained his methods are sugar and free plugs of you and your blog.
    And I guess I know why the anti Stan posts here are so happily posted by a guy who says "I post what I want". posts that draw readers and interest vs making friends in higher places.
    Not my problem.
    Hey,the irony? With out need for him to kiss your ass or even mention you.
    And,I can tell you ...when he went on today about not letting a person who sounded like me "get under his skin" "What,worry about what he says all day". And yet Richie- bleahh, Rich,he has responded so much to what I've written and you of all people have to know that. "Radnich doesnt know Stan exists" the trols get posted..LOL. Sure,have it both ways.. I post in public on a blog he mentions all the time...well,that's the kind of idiocy in media I fight.

    1. Stan @9:55 sounds like the ranting of a crazy person.

      Stan is complaining about Radnich, angry at Rich (for what?), insisting how important he is and imagining that he's a public hero. Paranoid, delusional and confused.

    2. Sure,I'm so inconsequential you write in because you care about me. You idiots cant get your story straight. As Rich said "I support the interns"..well,my posts that get answers as fast as I write them are co signed by me on the check.
      Radnich reads this blog...but he's never heard of me?. I think Rich and Raddy have mentioned me in those phone conversations. I'm probably the only reason those calls were even made.

    3. Yes Stan, undoubtedly Gary Radnich and Rich Lieberman have telephone conversations to talk about Stan all the time.

      Just curious, what other important public figures phone do you imagine are talking you?

  4. For 90 years and more, those "monikers" have become key "buzzwords" to hook listeners. "Top 40 radio," "All Hit Music", "All News - All The Time," "Lite", "Easy," :"Classic Rock", "World Class Rock", "News / Talk", "Smooth Jazz", "Real Country", "Today's Country", "Magic" "Sports Radio", "Sports Talk" and "The Hits Just Keep On Coming", all brands a part of the radio lexicon.

    The "brand" flavor today is "Live and Local", a moniker that Larry Wilson who "invented" Citadel has successfull marketed nationwide. He can afford it. Cumulus and Clear Channel can't. Mr. Wilson's company has changed from Alpha Broadcasting to "L&L Media" meaning "Live & Local" on his stations from Portland to the Carolinas. Why? Because he truly IS "Live & Local" in each of his markets. It works . if it's "Real Radio."

    Listeners have long known homogenized "piped" in news / talk, music, etc. in every format -- be it Muzak to satellite, from "time delayed" talk to hard-drive computer programming used to cover the sins of economy with today's breed of broadcasters.

    When people can hear Savage, Hannity, Ryan Seacrest, Mark Levin and dozens of others in the "Do Not Call" spin zone because of delays in market after market, they know the difference.

    Hell, KGO and KSFO hardly need a "local" studio now. Personalities "phone it in" from Christine Craft, Karel to Spencer Hughes on KSFO. Savage has his own studio to avoid parking problems. Bill Wattenburg's national show comes from the Sierra's but you'd never know it in Podunk, Maine. Armstrong & Getty, too, in Sacto and SF.

    "Live & Local" my ass.

    I laugh hearing "Live & Local" and here comes Hannity six hours later than his real show time. It happens on "Coast to Coast" which does a replay after the "original" show and stations are dumb enough to air it -- twice a night. Or Mark Levin. Or Savage. Or you name it. Fake "Live and Local" doesn't get it. Saves money, yes. It's neither live nor local in many cases.

    Can radio afford to go back to big salaried all-local all the time personalities? No.

    It is a catchy phrase well remembered whizzing by a billboard at 70 miles per hour. It's not rocket science. It doesn't take much to pull the wool over the sheeple;s eyes. So, "Live and Local" is today's "new" salvation. Today, low priced "talent" hacks that are "Live and Local" on the cheap have no chance and, hence, why radio, especially on AM, is assuming room temperature. You can't do local news, traffic and weather for SF from Dallas.

    It's a "prove it" world, now. A "Twitter-verse". "Live and Local" is not wise if it isn't. Just hope it won't be used to "fool some of the people all of the time" on KGO / KSFO, KKSF, KNEW and others.

    As a very wise person told all of us, "Don't pay attention to the man behind the curtain.".

    1. thanks for the mention, 10:11. I just do an occasional fill in show..and yes, though not always, I typically do them from Sacramento. I'm also very much involved in a major local issue, part of which will be determined in Sacramento. We got a successful Senate vote yesterday! See facebook..OPEN MARTIN'S and local, indeed.

    2. Thank you, Christine, and good luck on your Martin's Beach campaign - sincerely.

      I do, however, have one problem with your "Live & Local" assessmnt, Christine.

      Why is it ok for you to sharply criticize posters here for their being "Anonymous Cowards" (live) and then, in your own way in Sacramento, (local) that you have particular interest, you are:


      Just like you were on Radio-Info.

      Talking about the pot calling the kettle black. You are, I'm sorry, neither "Live" nor "Local" when you take the same route you criticize use for.

      Frankly, you were so much kinder and filled with incredible insight on radio when you were "CoppersMom" in honor of your lovely dog "Copper".

      And congratulations on your new kitty cat acquisition this week. You're right - "If I were a cat, I'd want to live here." You are Christine Craft there, but "CoppersMom" in your own cause.

      Live / Local or not. Let's just be honest with each other, Christine. Because I know how you would turn "identity" to your wrath and since your phone callers on KGO are anonymous, it's only fair to not be disengenuous. Nice post and Martin's Beach is gorgeous and doesn't need a billionaire to own access to the coast. I agree.

  5. The L&L discussion reminds me of a pet peeve of mine. Why is it that when people receive medical treatment after some type incident are the victims taken to a "local" hospital? I always thought that maybe they'd take them to a hospital in Des Moines!

    1. I think you are wrong on this one, let's say someone is in an accident in Walnut Creek, they would be expected to be taken to a local hospital like Kaiser or John Muir Medical Center, however it is possible they might be taken to Stanford in Palo Alto, due to that hospitals expertise, in that case it would not be considered local. Minor point, but I think that is what news people mean, when the say local, it means within the county where the accident happened.

  6. Christine .. i love you.... You Rock \m/

  7. "Live & Local" ass ...too
    Desperate times call for desperate measures.
    And we all know how desperate things are at KGO.

    I guess their sad mobile app isn't working .... : (

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