Wednesday, May 14, 2014

KGO Radio's New Hire For Weekend Talk-Show; Karel/Ryan Scott Said To Be Nervous

Live and Local too.

{Careless Whisper}

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  1. THAT is LMFAO Funny, Rich! Good find!

    Yes, that guy has more talent with "Carless Whispoer" than the Chef and the Drag Queen combined.

    1. Quick! It's CARELESS WHISPER ... fix it before Christine finds out, dude!

  2. The Chef & the Drag Queen; sounds like a movie directed by John Waters, who did the infamous 'Pink Flamingos' with Devine a couple ton of years ago. "Where the Cherries Flambe aint the only sweet thing flaming out."

  3. "Look at him. He's playing to a baby!"

  4. Like so many other self-absorbed members of Generation Punk this "daring" sax player seems very particular about the public segment he subjects to his rudeness. Shopkeepers, school teachers, food servers, security guards, etc., a safe selection indeed. Even if one of those guards wanted to serve him the manhandling he deserved they were restrained by fear of consequences; forced to treat him with kid gloves while he did everything he could to aggravate them.

    I wonder if he borrowed this strategy from Critical Mass?

    Weren't there any biker clubhouses available for his pranking? No cop bars where he could shove his sax into patron's faces? No African-American or Hispanic businesses to disrupt? Had he blared his loud, crummy music in the face of my toddler this jerk would've found himself blowing notes out of his colon.