Thursday, May 8, 2014

Bay Area Media Secret Romances Friday Headline Thursday PM

 Secret Romances of Bay Area media!

The stories behind the scenes --kissing, smooching and many details on some koo, kooche, koo!

*Sex Kitten meows!

*Secret Rendezvous

*Play kissy poo behind closed doors and way out in front. Talk about PDA!

All the goo you wanted and more exclusively at 415 Media Friday!

*All the News That's Not Fit To Print

*Lovey Dovey

And More...

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  1. Hey Rich...I know you want to get into the good stuff, but I have a question. When 95.7 sacked Dan Dibley, along with Whitey Gleason and Mark Kreider, I thought we'd at least still hear Dibs on the Earthquakes TV broadcasts. I notice he's not there anymore. Did the folks at Comcast deep-six him too because he couldn't cross promote their shows anymore on the 'Game?' If that's true, that's a real crock!

    1. Dibley lost the Earthquakes gig before he got canned from 95.7. Speaking of The Game, how's that new morning show working out for them? Between oversleeping and his Pac12 net job, Aubrey Huff only made it to work one day this week.

  2. Is this another Lieberman only in your wet dreams essay? Again?

  3. Catherine Heenan and Brian Hackney still a couple?

    1. Not for at least six years now, probably longer.

  4. It's an incestuous business, so what? A little undercover snog never hurt anybody.

  5. This goes along with the Tommy James and the Shondells song; "I think we're alone now, doesn't seem to be anyone around"