Tuesday, April 1, 2014

We Really Need To Pick Up The Pieces --Tuesday PM Kicker

(Average White Band)

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  1. Excellent! Kicks it up a notch! It works ... not next to It's Quarter to 3 ... but placed well, it works. Nicely done!

  2. Did AWB also do, "Play that funky Music White Boy," or was that Wild Cherry? Also I like "Cut the Cake" by AWB, I remember they used to play that tune at Weddings in the 70's, & 80's.

  3. And this has what to do with 415 MEDIA?

    Rich, I know where to look/listen when I want good music.

    I look here for broadcast gossip. Can you stay on track?

    1. Spare it, 5:52. Music in a media blog is fine. Got something on gossip in media .... add it and lend a hand.

  4. Rich, you missed the news flash of the day: it's raining. Breaking news: there was a flash of lightning. News alert: My cats were mildly thrilled by a sound of thunder. I would say it's time to put more resources into storm coverage than real news coverage. When the rain stops, back to stabbings, shootings, stabbings, shootings, stabbings, shootings

  5. A young Steve Ferrone on drums, who has been the drummer for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers for past 15+ years. Great vid!

  6. Hey Rich,
    I'm loving the blog, you're terrific!
    Got an idea for you that might sparks interesting replies.

    What famous person have you ever met personally?

    I've met Elvis Presley and daughter Lisa Marie, Katheryn Hepburn, Danny Kaye, Jack Klugman, Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner.

  7. Hearing that song makes me want to watch Iron Man 2 again....

  8. Last week when the weather was still nice I came to a redlight in a gritty east bay city and had the windows down,the sunroof open,and "Pick up the Pieces" as loud as it gets. I was drowning out the hippity hop music around me too.
    That and "Get Down Tonight" just scream crank it up, man. The soundtrack of my life and one stage of it...that we are all players upon.