Sunday, April 20, 2014

Was It Unusual That KPIX Anchor Elizabeth Cook Was Working Easter Weekend Night? Monday Headline Sunday

 Normally it's not unusual too see a fellow anchor take a night off especially when it's Easter Sunday.

No big deal, right?

Only Elizabeth Cook --who's essentially the face of KPIX News, is not your normal anchor.

Cook worked Sunday night on KPIX filling in for Ann Notarangelo. The same Cook who fellow anchor, Allen Martin has a few issues with. Or at least did. I'm guessing Martin was told to wise up. Maybe not.

It's just odd from here that Cook would work the weekend. Better yet, Cook worked with Brian Hackney. With. There may be a clue there.

Could Notarangelo be moving to weekdays? Couldn't Hackney gone solo? Sweeps begin this week but that doesn't enter her.

Could be just normal biz but I'm suspicious.

Lots of questions--we will try to answer on Monday.

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Check back Monday


  1. Martin was told to wise up?

    His demeanor towards Cook has always come across as professional. The gory unproven details have emerged only here so I see no real need for a "come to Jesus" talking to.

    1. Exactly. Just Rich's water cooler gossip.

  2. I don't think that this is the first time Cook has worked on a holiday. Liz Wenger was in for Notarangelo yesterday, and Betty Yu anchored on a Saturday (with Hackney) a few weeks ago.

    Will be interesting to see what you find out on Monday.

  3. Power to the people.

  4. Maybe she didn't feel like cooking Easter Dinner and went to work?

  5. It's just news, Cook is smoking hot, old white guy is a dime a dozen. Keep the double standard alive