Saturday, April 19, 2014

Saturday Night Special: Nobody Comes Close, Frankly

Saturday Night Special: Chairman of the Board and Orchestra.

Get out the champagne and turn up the speakers, you're in luck.

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  1. I prefer the Lynyrd Skynyrd version myself. The good old boy in me.

  2. For most guys, the hand action at 1:19-1:22 is a result of no luck with a lady tonight!

  3. What a lovely rendition! I'm not having champagne but I'm having a glass of timorasso and almost spit out listening to Karel. The queen just said he's unique because he and only he since the age of 8 has feared what the loss of a limb would be like! Only he knows what that feeling is like because he rides motorcycles! Note to self: never drink Timorasso listening to Karel the jackass.

  4. Thanks Rich for another excellent video. If you have Sinatra singing Summer Wind or Night and Day, please play them next time. That video made my whole day.

  5. Excellent video of The Chairman! No question, he's the GOAT - the Greatest Of All Time.

    Right at the beginning of the clip, Frank mentions the drummer Irv Cottler by name. Irv was a superb swinger, a drummers' drummer, and Frank liked his playing so much that he was known to have rescheduled recording sessions if Irv was unavailable.

    Ol' Irv could sure kick a band!

    My all-time favorite Frank version of this tune is the one live from Vegas where, 2nd time through, he replaced the lyric "that's not nice" with an ad-libbed Italian dialect "atsa no nice". (Irv was in the band on that occasion, too.)

    Yep - Frank IS the GOAT.

    1. Supremely ... Sinatra. Superb. Thanks, Rich.

  6. There is no one in this day and age who approaches the Great Sinatra!

  7. I was in the technical end of the entertainment business for 40 years and I can state without hesitation that Mr. Sinatra had the most impact entering a room than anybody I ever saw. People literally had their breath taken away.