Thursday, March 20, 2014

'Naked News' For Those of You That Appreciate TV Anchors That Have Nothing to Hide

 At first I thought it was a joke but then again we live in the Internet world complete with rotten news, good news, quirky and Balloon Boy/Octomom/Duck Dynasty/Missing Airplane news.

But face it: most of the news is miserable. Enter Naked News. OK, so here's the skinny: a group of dedicated TV women anchors, real and legit out of Toronto, provide a daily thorough newscast, in the buff. Like Naked. But unlike typical bimbos these are REAL professional anchors who give you the news run-down--including The World, North America and yes, even live and local, sports and weather to boot.

Yes, it costs something, (there's a free preview on the site), but well worth it unless of course you want to stick to the basics. Being that I'm a critic and owe it to you consumers to get a gauge of the product I viewed a typical Naked News performance and it was pretty damn good. There's no act. It's a straight run-down and completely 100% relevant and extraordinary newscast. Sure, if you don't care for even tasteful nudity while reacting to the latest news on Ukraine and Putin, then maybe stick to the locals and CSPAN5.

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  1. Thank you Rich for the link to the eye candy. It made my day and brought a smile to my face.

    David K.

  2. Naked news, penises, gratuitous images of young, female broadcasters....

    What kind of trash is Lieberman serving up? And then he wonders why no one takes him seriously....

  3. Seems like Rich is sorely in need of some real, living, female companionship. Sad to think of lonely Rich drooling over his keyboard.

  4. "When the News Gets Tough, We Read It in the Buff" - Mantra of "The Nude News" with Richard Proctor & Mark Ward, circa 1975, broadcast weekday mornings, 8am, over KTYD AM & FM ("The Mighty Fine 99")

    1. Thank you kitynpurrs. I saw George Carlin perform in Santa Barbara in the 1970's. The Nude News was the opening act. They ran out of seats, so they set up folding chairs in front of the first row seats. They came out and took their clothes off while they were seated at a long table with a table cloth. We were hysterically laughing the whole time because we could see every thing under the table!

  5. They used to have a free version where you could at least see the first few minutes.
    And yes, they're all Canadian, eh? Part of Canada's plan to take us over eventually, along with the NHL (sleeper cells of highly trained and violent Canadians in nearly every major US city) and all those Canadian entertainers like Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic, Cobie Smulders, Michael J. Fox, etc.
    Victoria Sinclair is my favorite of the Naked News anchors. One video of her taking her stockings off while reading the news, and I'd sell out to Ottawa, no question. Oh Canada indeed. :-)

  6. I'll take "posts from 2005" for $500, Alex.

  7. Rich, define "typical bimbos". State some local examples. I dare you.

  8. Rich: what percentage of your waking day do you spend masturbating?