Thursday, March 6, 2014

KRON's 1001 Van Ness Building officially on the Market; Thursday Starter

 This building is in the heart of the Van Ness corridor ---1001 Van Ness to be exact, KRON's iconic if not architecturally splendid edifice is officially on the market.

There's over 107,000 square feet of history in that building, probably destined for luxurious condos, another hospital or medical building.

Price? More than a million turkey sandwiches across the street at Tommys Joynt.


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  1. Trying to find a listing agent since this is well publicized. A lot of times prime real estate isn't listed and the only way to find out is by asking. VERY curious as to price etc. and given the housing climate in SF, it will be interesting to see how political a deal gets.

  2. I hear they're throwing in Jan Wahl.

  3. Speaking of Radnich and KRON,he's been talking up about being a dad to 8 or 15 year olds. But,he has adult children also..over 30. Never mentions grandkids. Never ever.
    I wonder why?..hmmm.

    And I'm still chuckling at the repubs who have pinned all their hopes in life they proved me Stan, wrong on Noelle. Hilarious. Just pure funny.