Wednesday, March 19, 2014

CNN's Ratings Nirvana Lost Plane Flight Simulator the New Cable Playboy Mansion

 Hi, I'm Jeff Zucker...I'll take a Bombay tonic, two flight attendants, Richard Quest, Martin Savidge and Mary Schiavo twerking.

This was all it took?

And that damn flight simulator? I'm a frickin' genius!

We're beating O'Reilly? Damn!

Who knew.

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  1. My wife and I were on a flight from LAX to Dulles once to look at houses (we thought we were moving to the Virginia burbs of DC) and noticed a guy who I later found out was Jeff Zucker in first class. He's a screwy little shit with a bad case of ADD, couldn't seem to sit still for more than about a half hour. He was on the plane with Terry Bradshaw who was on his way to do a Redskins game.

  2. hey Rich whats with this audio that's attached to your blog? annoying doesn't begin to describe it.

  3. I will wait until Courtney Love confirms the crash site.

  4. CNN is terrible these days. What happened to Wolf Blitzer? He used to be good years ago. Now he has an ego problem. But I sure have been glued to it the past couple of days. Bravo on their continuing coverage.Interesting and not too boring.

  5. please...please, please audio optional!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Rich, the recently added audio advertising for your blog is exceptionally intrusive and repetitive.

    1. Firefox Adblock Plus is your friend.

  7. That picture of the 2 guys up above. The guy on the left now has his shirt unbuttoned and fat belly hanging out and is drinking bottled water all while CNN is reporting live!!! Can't someone tell him "hey, we're gonna' be on National TV in a minute, button your shirt and un-drape your arm from the rest you look like a slob"?