Sunday, February 23, 2014

Monday TV News Headline Sunday: KGO-TV's I-Teamer, Noyes, Explores Possible New Zodiac Suspect

 The Zodiac case has always been one of the most eerie, bizarre and signature SF murder mysteries.

And unfortunately, there's been a few.

Although, as far as anyone knows, the Zodiac was never apprehended. He could be dead now.

Maybe not.

Dan Noyes, the investigative reporter at KGO-TV, has an interesting I-Team report Monday night about a possible new suspect.

It's worth watching.

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  1. I saw the movie Zodiac. There is a scene with Jim Dunbar from KGO. Pretty cool!

  2. The Ghost of J:udge CraterFebruary 23, 2014 at 5:34 PM

    Why is it sometimes you double-space between paragraphs and sometimes you single-space?

    And yeah, there's another widow who claims her dead husband was D.B. Cooper. And another couple of guys who claim they shot a sasquatch. And another guy who claims he saw a second gunman behind the stockade fence in Dallas. And another historian who says he knows what really happened to Amelia Earhardt. And...

  3. I used to date a woman in the 1980s who's dad was a detective on that case. He's almost certain that the guy who was the Zodiac died many years ago.

  4. The suspect in tomorrow's story cannot be the killer as he is too young. Apparently he was in high school during '68-'69.


  5. I always thought it was someone in Law Enforcement. Someone who really knew the ins and outs of not getting caught.

  6. Ratings. They're insulting our intelligence.

  7. While Noyes digs up headlines, the Kevin Keeshan ( NBC Exec ) inspired I-Team at KNTV keeps digging up more promos!

  8. Again, I've read this story and checked out the facts and it looks bogus. It's a fascinating, but kind of ghoulish mystery however. 1969-70 was so long ago and the guy who did the shooting was supposed to be middle aged then. I think people always want these things solved to satisfy their curiousity. Why do you think so many of us have our own conspiracy theory about who killed JFK?

  9. @ The Ghost of J:udge CraterFebruary 23, 2014 at 5:34 PM

    You might be the problem here ...

  10. The best site (IMHO) and most credible is Tom Voight's -

    He has already dealt with this "new" theory and thinks it is bogus. If Arthur Leigh Allen is truly eliminated due to no DNA match or other evidence, this is the best suspect to date: