Monday, February 10, 2014

Media General Denies KRON/KGO SSA--I'm Not Buying The Spin Nor Should You

Some MEDIA GENERAL PR person told me the KRON/KGO arrangement is "not" an SSA, (shared services arrangement).

I read their press release. I'm not a trade. I don't print the BS they're putting out. Not for a minute.

Baloney is baloney.

They can spin this all they want. For the time being, at least. I'm not going for their spin.

Eventually, in my opinion, and I have countless others who KNOW the handwriting on the wall, they'll eventually begin, in earnest, combining and consolidating. Engineering, production, you name it. And talent too. That's what they do.

I wasn't born yesterday.
You weren't either.

I imagine their PR trolls are in extra duty now.

Consolidation and elimination of personnel, property, equipment and the like, in order to keep costs down, minimize expense at the cost of profit has always been, and will be, a corporate tactic, not only in the broadcasting business, but business in general. There's no crime there; after all, why invest in the great labor tactic known as maintaining or re-establishing positive worker morale. What a abomination, for god's sake, can you imagine that!

I won't buy it for a minute.


  1. Good point Rich! I'm not sure what business schools are teaching their students today, now, but I'd say a sizable percentage of the people who run American business, accept the new order unflinchingly, and in some cases, enthusiastically, based on what we've been seeing in recent years.

    The 'Blue Chip' businesses however? The ones who realize that customer service and maintaining good employee morale are central to the success of their enterprise will always survive and do well, because they are not as short-sided or greedy,

    The folks who have been allowed to hijack the business of broadcasting in recent years; the Lou Dickeys of the world, they have no conscience and feel no obligation to do anything except maximize profits to ensure their own fat bonuses. They might as well be living in third world countries where businesses are allowed to do whatever they want, as long as they have the capital. I met a gentleman once who was very wealthy and owned several businesses in China. He told me with a sly grin: "I can do just about anything I want over regulations such as the ones here. That's why I took much of my business out of the U.S.!"

    Most People are unfortunately, inherently susceptible to corruption, and so it's no surprise that American has a broadcasting business that is now being run like many other American businesses.

    This leads us to a larger, more important point; America is in rapid decline because disinterested, disenfranchised, cynical, and clueless citizens are continuing to support companies that don't have the best interests of the public or their employees in mind. And when they vote, they seem to have little idea of what it is they are voting for, or what "their" candidates even stand for!

    Broadcasting is merely reflective of the rotting of the souls, (if there ever were any!), of those who run most of our American businesses.

    1. Absolutely, so why does Lieberman think broadcasting should be any different. He acts like its personally directed at him.

  2. Rich, do your or anyone out in your blogosphere know what happened to Bill 'Bouncy' Bungeroth, also known by his detractors as 'Bungerhole.' I heard he was Cumullus's hatchet-man from Atlanta, but someone told me he got axed. Did he return to Atlanta with his tail between his legs and tell Lou Dickey: "I"m sorry your highness, I failed to turn KGO radio around~" or did Dickey do the expedient thing and cut him off cold from the company?

    1. Google is your friend. Bungeroth is VP Sales at Former KFOG PD Dennis Constantine recently followed him there.

  3. Whatever Live365 is is about to be Bung-holed. That guy was an a$$ hole, knew nothing about radio and was disliked by every single person in the building. He was the person who was on the ground level for the Dickeys doing their bidding. A mean, miserable fu@k who got off on being the person in charge. It's because of him that good people were let go and others voluntarily left. Did you know he had an oversized photo of a lion on the outside of his office that said feed me? Or that there are two current lawsuits that he had to be deposed for not to mention the Ralph barberi lawsuit that was settled. I guess they don't do much research at Live 365 on the employees they hire. A word to the wise, don't work at that company if they have hired that short little creep.