Sunday, February 2, 2014

God This Game So Sucks Let's Eat

Super Bowl 2014 791x1024 Superbowl SpecialI'll take the crab cakes and calamari.


  1. Rich is in no position to ridicule others for eating too much or too often.

  2. That may be true and "going over the top" has it's consequences. That said, what Rich said is not as bad as it looks or may be percieved. Remember, to many, "perception is reality." A throwaway blog post? Sure. Accurate? Yes. Demeaning to those, especially on "Big Game Sunday" who gorged today? Sure. Here, however is what's really bad and ... fireable.

    Anyone listen to the opening stanza of Karel tonight? If you had, you might have, like me, already posted here because it is the exact reason why he needs to be forcibly removed from the air.

    The opening sounder wasn't even over when he voiced displeasure over the game and that's perfectly ok. As Rich said, along with millions of others, the game sucked. Karel had to add to it about how he hates football (who cares?) Will never watch the game again (who cares?) and then he unloaded ... on the commercials.

    Within TWO minutes of his show opening "Ewww, Budweiser. Bud Light. It takes like URINE. Coors, too. I mean, it taste likes URINE." Then, "I saw the commercials online at Google last night, so, I wasn't really interested. They weren't that good, actually."

    Now, if you ran a large radio station, part of an agressive sports-minded cluster owned by Cumulus, including "The Sports Leader" KNBR, what would you think to hear this on YOUR high power radio station that depends on "sports" advertisers like Anheuser-Busch, Coors, automakers and more? Only to hear them trashed by name.

    I am a broadcast sales rep and I would be standing on desks tomorrow morning. Pity the sales rep getting whipped to increase revenues and hearing this nit-wit demean the very product lines that are already on-air in your pro sports and college pedigrees?

    Pity the ad agencies that place huge sums of money that keep radio stations afloat -- especially those with poor performance as is KGO. Would you be angry? Like the products or not, for $4.5 million a spot, the advertiser did what it needed to do. To be trashed by a fourth-rate talk show host from Mexico to Canada, from Phoenix to Seattle is nothing short of incorrigable.

    You mean, gay people don't drink Bud or Bud Light, Coors Light or drive sponsored automobiles and trucks? Don't like the commercials then say nothing or note the best ones (and there were a few - the Audi spot, the Toyota Highlander spot, the Bud Light and a couple of others were clever and well done.

    How many accounts were lost or jeopardized over this show-opening tirade? Karel wonders why is is "picked on." This is a perfect reason. We pick on Ronn for hucksterism of mattresses ad infinitum. There was, however, no reason for the "tastes like urine" comments.

    Be gone, sick man.

    1. @7:42 Don't you have any human beings to talk to?

    2. Yeah, it was over your head to understand. You are excused.

    3. This is a reasonable request from the sales people. How do you sell idiots on the air?

  3. Give me ten shitty games like today's over one more Ryan Scott cooking show and I'll take it every time!

  4. Clearly, light beer is lost on Karel, but I'm guessing he's an expert on urine.

    I couldn't agree more. Bashing male advertisers is an awful move. I've worked in radio sales and it is impossible at a poor station. For this guy to be slamming beer in a male driven medium is bad for the station.

    I'm told his numbers are awful. I imagine he won't be there long, and I hardly know much about him.

    The game wasn't great, but it's an American holiday. You try to enjoy it.

  5. Best part of the Super Bowl was the half-time show. Joe Namath's false-start coin flip was humorous. After the first-play safety, it was all downhill for Denver.