Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Ender Bender

 Thanks for participating. Stay happy and dry.

Time for more important things.

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  1. Speaking of ender benders, how did your mystery meeting go with the TV news newbie?

    I thought by now you'd have a post that begins, "Our eyes met across the dark, smokey room. She sauntered over and sat down, crossing long legs and brushing back her long mane. 'Hi handsome,' she whispered..."

  2. Oh, please do tell me where I can still find a "dark, smoky room." I want to go there. That's what I miss.

    1. Good answer. A pity that such reasonably innocuous forms of pleasure, which I enjoyed and took for granted for most of my adult life, one now has to leave the state to find, but that is life now in the nanny state of California.