Monday, January 27, 2014

Today's Looker: KTVU's Allie Rasmus

 Allie Rasmus: tough and tenacious, fair-minded, good, solid reporter and a fine attribute to KTVU.

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  1. Yes Allie is a looker. Yet Claudine Wong remains the queen at KTVU.

    1. And Tori is the troll

  2. I have to agree. She comes across as solid in her reporting. I have noticed she has been used from time-to-time as a fill in anchor either at noon or weekend broadcast. Perhaps I am wrong, Rich, but it looks like they are considering her at least for a substitute role when someone is out sick or on vacation.

  3. Rich posts pictures of normal looking females on the blog that elicit oohs and ahhs from juvenile cretins who must be confined to some kind of all-male institution.

    Are you guys capable of relating to woman in a normal way instead of drooling over them as if they are an alien species?

  4. Rich, can you mention their chest-waist-hips measurement, too?

  5. What a hottie! I'd date her in a heartbeat!

  6. Allie is much more attractive than the divas usually mentioned here but more importantly, good skills without annoying mannerisms. Before I gave up on 2, I always enjoyed that she grasps the (lost?) art of not overdoing her reports.