Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Classic: SF Mayor Joe Alioto



  1. One of the best Mayors SF has ever had. He was great wqith and to reporters, print and electronic. His great quote when asked if he was running for election was, "Announcements are made at Announcement time". When he settled the police/fire strike in the early 70's it was about 3am. Whereupon he invited all of us ink stained wretches to join him in a Compari and Soda at a bar in North Beach. (Legal hours for dispensing sdame, be damned)
    Peter Cleaveland

  2. I remember meeting him several times over the years and he was, as the previous poster mentioned, quite charming and helpful to those of us in the media. He had a forceful, dynamic personality and was also a friend of Al Davis. As a matter of fact, his legal skills were largely responsible for convincing a jury to allow Davis to move the Raiders to LA in 1982!

  3. Sacred Heart High School Class of 1933. He could really think on his feet. When a reporter asked him a tough question, as he formulated his answer, he would fill in the dead air by saying, "That's a great question. I'm glad you asked me that Peter." Those few seconds of BS would be all he would need for his reply. It was said that skill came from his debating days at Sacred Heart

  4. He also taught the NFL a thing or two about lawyering.

  5. This is the kind of Mayor San Francisco needs and deserves! Not the Willie Brown and Rose Pak puppet Liar Ed Lee.

  6. VERY similar to Willie Brown.
    He's a guy who got it done, sometimes by twisting some arms.
    He had his share of 'scandals', stuff that you would end up in prison for today.
    His connections to the Plumbers Union, Mazzola and the whole Clear Lake ("when you're Governor we'll get gambling legal in California) thing is quite a story in itself.