Thursday, January 9, 2014

Fake-Emotion TV Weather Guys Showing Mock Concern Over No Rain, Awwww!

 Now that's there's legitimate worries of a drought impacting the Bay Area, (and beyond), weather people are doing what they do best: showing mock concern. This is highly entertaining. Who can look and sound the most heartbroken?

Especially funny is when weather guesser already has broadcast the dreaded 5-day forecast which indicates there's no real rain on the horizon and acts as if his left testicle was just hit by a 90-mile-an-hour fastball, ah, the indignation!

Then, as if to add further personal outrage and concern that Mother Nature is inflicting some torture on us, said weatherman talks back to news anchor and says, like, "Uh, this is frightening, this is scary, we have issues here." Like they just lost a relative. Excuse, I'm laughing again.

I'm laughing because this is a weather specialty--especially broadcast well by male weather performers. The women have a better gauge on all this. They don't need to utilize the drama card. Look, we're in one of those dry periods but I'm not worried, why? Because we live next to an unlimited water source: the Pacific Ocean. Go get $10B from the feds and build a desalination plant, two while you're at it--one here and one in the Central Valley. Then we're all happy and then we don't have to watch a bunch of fake weather guys showing mock fake weather concern.

It's just that simple.

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  1. Have to get off your beaten path here, but did you notice Darya Big Boobs this morning? Her nipples were standing at attention through her blouse/whatever she was wearing. Now that's a freaking wake up call at 6 am fo sho! KRON 4: Your Bay Area Tittilation Station.

    1. Darya was reporting a 5-alarm my pants!

    2. DAMN ! I missed it! Is there any way to watch it online??

  2. We don't need to worry about droughts here in California because we are live next to the Pacific Ocean?

    I hope Mr. Lieberman is joking. One wonder how we are supposed to utilize the salt water in the Pacific Ocean if all our reservoirs ran dry. Maybe get a big pump and grow lettuce with salt water?

    1. No, not joking.

      I'm talking about drinking water for the masses if it got that bad to where the reservoirs began to empty. We're not there yet.

      My point was that every time we come down this drought path we forget in water-challenged regions here and abroad they have desalination plants and don't have to worry about their terrain nor the weather.

      The vast majority of our clean water goes to agriculture use; that's all I'm saying. And yes, our farmers and their crop is important but seems to me drinking water for ourselves is more important.

    2. Agreed on the desalination. @9:36 Desalination removes the salt from the water. The only worry I have is we would run into water with some kind of fallout from Japan. I'm sure there's some California eco-fraud agency that would hold this up in court for years (with huge profit to them and their lawyers). @9:36 all the fresh water we drink originates in one form or another from the ocean. The hydrologic cycle. Evaporation, condensation, precipitation, runoff. Repeat.

    3. We could stop filling swimming pools down in LA, and the start getting serious about water conservation. Recycled water for all irrigation would free up many billions of gallons of drinkable water.IMHO.

    4. You don't wait till the reservoirs are empty, dummy.

    5. Lieberman's suggestion that all we need to worry about is drinking water is ridiculous as is his statement that we don't need to worry about water shortages because of the Pacific Ocean.

      There was a devastating drought in East Africa in 2011. East Africa borders on the Indian Ocean.

    6. Lieberman's comment about the Pacific Ocean is nonsense. Sad that he thinks he makes sense.

  3. What annoys me to no end are the same news anchors & weather forecasters who whine & moan when we DO get rain. This of course is during non-drought years.

  4. Quote:
    "An unusually mega-high amount of radiation readings--1400%! of normal-- turned up on a SF beach the other day"

    "Look, we're in one of those dry periods but I'm not worried, why? Because we live next to an unlimited water source: the Pacific Ocean."

    What's wrong with this picture? Just sayin'.

  5. 12:38
    I lived in SF for six years...before moving back to my native LA/Silver Lake district.