Thursday, December 26, 2013

Time For the Thursday Night Mambo

 It's been a long but extraordinary day. Time for a mambo don't you all agree? Cue the Orchestra!

*Riverside Orchestra of Miami

(HT)-Amaury Pi-Gonzalez)

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  1. Not exactly Ricky Ricardo but not bad.

    1. Ricky Ricardo was a character played by a real man named Desi Arnaz. You sound really smart there anon at 7:50pm

    2. I know who Desi is, you boob. You are just too thick to get the humor.

    3. oh keyboard are so tough.

  2. I can understand Lieberman trying to change the subject after his last two foolish posts.

    Maybe he can tell us more about his fabulous "Bailey." Presumably, by now she's sobered up and no longer answering his phone calls.

  3. Great music Rich. I also love Tito Puente and Pancho Sanchez. Are you familiar with either of them? Tito Passed away a few years ago but was quite a legend, and Pancho is still going strong. Both are from Puerto Rico. Hall of Fame baseball player Orlando Cepeda and Tito were good friends.