Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sam Spear; Bay Area Media/Horse Racing Character; Hosts 'At The Track' on KNBR And Knows a Thing or Two; Sunday Quickie

 Sam Spear is a Bay Area treasure. I should point out that I've known "Alameda Sam", (Spear's hometown) for many years and remember when he'd call into Monte Stickles' old KGO talk show.
Spear is the PR head over at Golden Gate Fields and does a horse-racing show on KNBR every Sunday morning, (, "At The Track"--7- 8 AM). It's a throwback show for many of you that like horse racing. Spear also does a daily, syndicated TV show on KTSF.

Spear is seen throughout the Bay Area sports press boxes and can hold down a funny conversation. Everybody knows Sam. Mater of fact there's not a person I've ever met who has a bad thing to say about Spear which gives you an indication of how he's held in such high esteem. A rarity indeed.

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  1. Off topic but what happened to KTVU's Sunday morning news program today? They had "technical difficulties" and only gave five-minute updates on the half hour. They should do that for all their news programs because there isn't another local station with such sloppy and unprofessional news productions. The news ticker is prepared by illiterates.

  2. Sam has certainly been around the scene for awhile and is also one of the better guys around. Thanks for giving him a little attention Rich. He deserves it!

  3. Ol Sams a trippy dude, sounds like a nice guy. but I can't stand horse racing

  4. Anon at 7:32...the automated system that replaced at least four control room/studio techs per news show crashed. No people, no show.
    Cox broadcasting had an edict back in 2001 when they cut staffing..."we are aware of the impending drop in quality, and we are willing to accept that level

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