Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Please, Indeed, Spare The Air And Do Us A Favor

 Spare The Air ...Immediately.
*KCBS' Jan Wahl embarrassing "Sleeptrain Movie History"--Bad enough Hat Woman whores old-fashioned Hollywood film noir with the mattress empire; worse yet, we have Wahl interjecting temperpedic references with great movies of the past. It's cheap, disgusting, irritating and painful to absorb and listen to.
*Karel: Just when you think things couldn't get worse: on late Sunday night on KGO Radio, Karel was referencing Jesus and said this, "Jesus--he had a 'big nose--it's not a stereotype." Huh? Boy, do you really know how to step in it.
*KCBS Replay: It's now to the point where KCBS doesn't care about its ridiculous play the SAME! news report 20 times every weekend policy. Good way to maintain the CBS brand for news and piss off listeners. OK, so you have the TSL conduit going but seriously, this pattern of repeating, ad nauseum, the same report reeks of we don't care and screw you. Fine, until it makes its way to NY.
*Joan Lunden elderly care commercials: Please, STOP THIS! Enough already. This pathetic, overly-sappy, redundant garbage spot is played at least 100x every day on Bay Area radio. I thought Lunden was way off the radar and last heard and seen doing a yenta talk with David Hartman on Good Morning America.
*Armstrong and Getty: A pair of no-talent, god-awful, Midwest, right-wing yappers with all the authenticity of a strip mall in Milpitas. A. You're not funny. B. However both of you cretins try to make it sound as if you're not right-wing whack jobs, you are. C. Your interviews suck, suck, suck.,
D. Your dim-witted "side-kicks" sound like they just departed the night shift at 7-11. Please, spare us the agony and get back to your Amway gigs.
*All medical studies that make the airwaves on TV and radio, the latest, the vitamin "study"--no matter how prestigious all these studies do is confuse people and piss off humanity. New Study: "Green Tea is bad for you!"
*Using stupid radio phrases like, "on the other side." Huh? How about "when we come back"--was that too simple? My favorite: "Coming up" ...why not just go the spot and come back clean. So very hard to talk in human speak.
*Ed Lee stories: Why does Bay Area media outlets feel compelled to give us endless renditions of the latest goings-on of this guy? Ed Lee seems like a decent enough man and a good mayor but I'm tired of seeing his mug and what he's doing; where he's going, what he has for breakfast; his foibles; his interests. More Jane Kim, less Ed Lee.
*All radio/TV anchors that use the phrase, "gone viral." I know it would require brain surgery to simply state that the "such and such has become quite a thing on the Internet". That and "social media", another one of my favorite sappy 21st Century verbal sweet-nothings.
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  1. Radio and media are very unimaginative. It's because of lack of bodies.

    I'm so sick of that fat tub of goo known as Jan Wahl. She thinks she's a legend...but it's really in her own mind. Give her some bagels and Mogen David and tell her to shove down her pipe. What made her a movie genius? My dogs can rate movies too...

  2. They should all be forced to watch that American Indian College Fund commercial that runs approximately 650 times per hour. Can't broadcasters figure out a way to "spread the wealth" instead of selecting only one or two non-profit commercials to run each year?

    I still have nightmare flashbacks to the Mutts Shelter Project cartoons ("I hope you find a home." "I hope YOU find a home?" "Tomorrow - guaranteed!").

  3. > Ed Lee seems like a decent enough man and a good mayor

    Err, you're not paying attention. Besides, this conflicts with things you've said about EL in the past, things that seemed a lot more on target. Plus he lets tech hotshits into the city tax-free and rent-free, because they promise to "create jobs." Yeah, they create a hundred jobs here and ten thousand in India and Pakistan and China.

    But investigative reporting is a dead art, so he gets away with it. EL doesn't have to feaer, say, Mike Mibach the way he had to fear Vic Lee.

    Then again, you once used to say that of all the Bay Area stations, KTVU was largely just as good as it used to be, and I would do post after post about how wrong you were, half of which you never posted. Then Asiana happened and now KTVU can't do anything right for you. What gives?

    1. They wouldn't return his phone calls about Asiana, so he put them on his shit list.

  4. Thanks, Rich, for the Karel mention. Hey, Karel, check this out: Even Wikipedia has info on stereotypes about Jews. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stereotypes_of_Jews

    Yeah, I know, Karel, some of your best friends are Jews. Yeah, I know, you think it was funny. Said in jest. I suppose all stereotypes uttered about gays in jest are ok, too, using that illogic.

    Since you live near Los Angeles, Karel, I suggest a visit to the Los Angeles Museum of The Holocaust. I don't think you'll be laughing anymore or making such asinine comments. You should also offer an apology, Karel.

    Full disclosure: I'm a member.

  5. Dear Rich, your comparison of Armstrong & Getty is an insult to strip malls in Milpitas. Other than that, you are spot on today.

  6. Terry McSweeny is GREAT FUN to watch on the 11:00 am news KNTV .... No, I don't know him...just a good ol' SF guy.....

  7. Is there anything more creepy & cringe-inducing than listening to KNBR personnel doing live commercials for the sexually charged & highly sexist "Pajamagram" ?
    I think not.

    (And is Damon Bruce allowed to read the Pajamagram ad?)

  8. Rich, in case you didn't know, Ed Lee is the mayor of San Francisco. That's why the media covers him.

    If you think lots of stories about Ed Lee are tiresome, how about your endless stories about Radnich? At least Ed Lee is an elected official.

  9. "Social Media has EXPLODED!!!!" The Twitterverse has EXPLODED!!!!

    Email us....
    Like us on facebook...
    tweet us!

  10. CBS is cutting radio jobs this week in several markets including LA and Chicago. For some reason the San Francisco CBS stations always seem to escape these year end job cuts.

    1. it is because they (Corporate) have the head count they want and they have been automated down to nil long ago....

  11. I couldn't disagree with your Armstrong & Getty comments. They lean right, sure but I imagine that you must be a "left wing whack job" to label them as the right wing version of that moniker. I find them to be one of the most intelligent, funny and thoughtful teams on the radio.

  12. George Washington's travel to the Potomac would have gone more smoothly had he chosen a (wait for it) Temperpedic Mattress for himself and his first mate. History expresses her jealousy!

  13. Karel could not be more repulsive, phony and untalented. How he stays on KGO even as debased as it is is beyond me. He is such a pig, always begging for attention. Now he is almost totally off the air though so that is great!

  14. A&G and crew respond at 19:15.