Thursday, December 19, 2013

East Bay Express Scoops Local Press on Possible A's New JLS Ballpark/Ownership; KRON Still On Fox Radar; Waldman Staying at KRON But 'People Behaving Guy' Is On Radar; The Cumulus XMAS Party; Thursday Media Starter Notes

 Tip of the cap to the wily East Bay Express for its scoop on possible new Oakland A's ownership and its Jack London Square potential home.
The Express, (weekly), has long been a magnet for pretty darn good investigative reporters, (Ali Winston); movie critics, (Kelly Vance) and real foodie/bar chaps, (Ellen Cushing).
*KRON and its bureaucratic behemoth is still on the radar by the lovely people at Fox, (News Corporation), still looking to get a SF station for every strategic reason, (and football too), you can imagine.
*While it appears Justine Waldman is staying at KRON despite being wooed by CNN, the cable chaps may have their sights set on the "People Behaving Badly" dude.
*From various accounts that enchanting Cumulus Christmas "party"/gathering on Tuesday at 55 Hawthorne was just splendid --drink tix were at a "premium"--what? Did they splurge for something other than Gilbey? And the house-made crockpot items were just the hit of the day. A potluck extraordinaire! Color me spectacle but you would think a company might just, god forbid, rent out a local low-level restaurant for its loyal soldiers. I mean, most likely they could have got a SweetJack discount.
*A mystery corporate guy from Atlanta has been perusing KGO Radio and its expenditures. Maybe he'll find a few extra gadgets and Ronn Owens old pay stubs.
*Was there some kind of lottery winner in San Jose? I didn't hear it.
*Talk of the Town: Speaking of Christmas Party talk, there's a story making the rounds of a very well-known "TV artist" who was quite a spectacle the other night at Quince. She was apparently doing karaoke after about 5 extra gin and tonics only the problem was there was no official karaoke. Outcome: Really, really, bad renditions of Marie Osmond and Pia Zadora. Only saving grace, apparently, was that she didn't wear the ultra low-cut dress but the pumps were high baby!
*I myself am hosting a 415 Media Christmas party Monday night at Tommy's Joynt --complete with adult libations and 17,000 turkey wings. Details on how you can meet, in person, the neurotic blogger with loads of love. Bring it on!
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  1. I never pictured Darya the karaoke type but yea, I can see it.

  2. The People Behaving Badly segment has had a good long run for what? a couple of years right? In TV age, as in a dog's age, each actual year as seen on the Gregorian Calendar is equal to seven to ten years in emotion, enthusiasm and creativity. He's a good consumer advocate, yes, I give him that. I'm just ready to do with that smug sing-song delivery. Somewhere, in somebody's cell phone, there is a collection of videos showing the host behaving badly. I would be most entertained to see that footage. See his mask of righteousness ripped away!

    1. How is he a consumer advocate?

      You need to look up both words.

      He's been doing it for seven years, btw.

  3. EBX has become a fringe loony, anti police, government paranoid, pro Occutrash Oakland, pro pot in every pot, rag. It used to be a real alternative to the mainstream press. Now it's home to the hopelessly paranoid, rabidly cop hating, leftwing fringies. Oh, and they are wildly dishonest on anything related to public safety. See their pack of lies about curfews. See Bob Gammon's outrageous claims that armed robbery is not a violent crime. They represent the very worst of guilt-ridden, Quan-loving, plantation owners who see their job as rescuing black and brown people from having any good quality of life in Oakland by leading the charge against reducing violence. Bet you don't publish this comment.

  4. Who's That Girl; on the radio commercial for Her voice is loud, grating and hard on the ears? She has a slight black or urban accent. I hope they either replace her soon, or ask her to start talking and STOP YELLING at us forced to hear those spots.

    1. It's actually "truecar", and they're a very cool company because they sponsor female racing drivers in the IMSA GT3, the Pirelli World Challenge, MX-5 Cup and Rally America.

      But yeah, that commercial is like nails on a chalkboard.

    2. Except they (TrueCar)screwed over Katherine Legge for her IndyCar ride.

    3. I have to chime in on this one, because that True Car spot grates on my nerves as well. Whoever that woman is, she sounds very young, immature, and unprofessional. Like a 10th grade dropout who couldn't cut it in the (c)rap music business. The only possible motive that I could think of for anyone using her as their announcer, would be that her hourly rate for voice work has to be bargain basement.


  5. Scoops can simply be an orchestrated leak to the lowest bidder whose willing to fulfill the PR agenda and gain traction. I wouldn't be too eager to pat one person on the back or shake your finger at another.

  6. While crediting East Bay Express may we also point out they totally left out that Peter Guber and his Mandalay entertainment own part of the Dodgers. Anyone who really thinks Guber would sell his interest in the Dodgers for an ownership part in the A's is mistaken. Remember the Dodgers are launching their own Cable Channel, they OWN the LA market now. Why would he do that to become the 2nd team in the Bay Area?? As for Lacob I could see him working in a group to be part of a new A's ownership. Part of the EBX story made sense but the total lack of research on baseball team ownership and noting that Guber has been very vocal in his support/love for the (hated) Dodgers made the rest of the story a bit of a "pipe dream."

    That being said, I know many say the Howard Terminal site wouldn't work, but if they can figure out the details it would be spot for a park with a view of SF. I don't imagine they'd have a hard time selling 35,000 seats pretty much every night to the park.

  7. The 55 Hawthorne Christmas party thrown by the big spenders at Cumulus sounds like Cox/KTVU. The anchors and the sales people party at the St. Francis......good times or bad....the rank and file get coal....although I heard Tom Raponi's yearly Al Jolson routine while using an African American porter as a foot stool never fails to being down the house.

  8. Must you diss Pia Zadora? let some things stay sacred....

  9. Did they have karaoke at the 55 Hawthorne Christmas party too ?
    You know ....."Kars-for-Kids" .. Langan Style .... And I'm Hangin'
    ..... You don't cook Costco Hot dogs in a crockpot.
    Nothing like hot dogs with Blue Ribbon Beer.
    Can someone call Jen the Janitor ? ... Cleanup in the Mens room.
    The Blue Ribbon beer is getting to me. All the chicks are named "Jen"
    News reporters ...Jen..Jen..Jen Web producers... Jen..Jen
    What a party !
    Hey Langan .......... Are you done yet ?.... or what ?

  10. ....Hey Mr. "People Behaving Badly"
    Can you please report to 55 Hawthorne and investigate......
    ...... The ladies are mad the toilet seat is always up and never down.
    Who done it ? .....