Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Brian Greif, KRON GM Resigns; Heath Issue

Greif Out at KRON...

Brian Greif, 53, GM of KRON, has decided to resign from the station, following weeks of consulting with doctors.

I knew he recently had back surgery and was suffering with, according to a station source, "significant pain."

I don't believe there's any more to this story other than a medical issue.


(HatTip: TVNewsCheck)


  1. Now KRONers have two reasons to party tonight...

  2. Not to hijack but I saw on another website that Michael O'Connor passed away. The obit referenced CBS national but I believe he was assiciated with KPIX locally. Nice guy, very fine journalist. Sad news.

    1. Mike O'Connor worked for KRON. Lived quite a life, great journalist. Terrible loss. Obits in NYT and LAT. RIP.

  3. Must have money. Everybody else is stuck with back pain,the last thing you want to do is quit a job.
    Or,its another reason.

  4. Fitting considering all the pain he's inflicted on that place over the years. Watch your backs Aaron and Stacy... the clock is finally ticking.

  5. I love Heath bars! I'd resign for one.

  6. His departure won't be mourned. While he's been dealing with the medical issues and been away from the place people are being shouted at a lot less, have a lot fewer insane demands being screamed at them and aren't being intimidated from management nearly as often. Now if they could get rid of the bald elf news director and the anorexic crazy fake-titted psycho on the morning show maybe the place could keep improving even more.