Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

 Eat well and prosper.
Be safe.
Enjoy family and friends.
And remember, don't let anyone get you down.
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  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Rich. I'm so glad I found your blog. Keep up the good work.

    1. Same here all youse wunderfull peoples.

      And that sign reads "Love a Turkey,eat Fish!"

    2. Actually, Stan, the sign reads "Leave the turkeys in the wild, the fish in the sea, & give thanks to Mother Earth with some bottles of champagne, fresh fruit salads, spinach lasagne, & pumpkin & pecan pies."

    3. And Kitty,I highly recommend cooking in soybean oil. Man,that's a really clean and good tasting oil. Just learned of it myself a couple of months ago.

    4. Pies! Now that's where I can get vehement.

  2. Happy holidays, Rich!

  3. Chag Chanukkah Sameach! - Rabbi Ron

  4. > Enjoy family and friends.
    > And remember, don't let anyone
    > get you down.

    You don't know my in-laws.

  5. I'm thankful for your blog and Darya Folsom posts, Rich!

    1. Hey, there's an idea. What are the reporters and anchors thankful for:

      Darya Folsom: Silicon.

      Mark Danon: When Darya calls in sick.

      Ronn Owens: Himself.

      Julie Haener: Hairspray.

      Sal Castaneda: Platform shoes.

      Bill Martin: They he can be wrong more than any other Bay Area meteorologist and still have a job.

      Gary Radnich: XXL shirts.

      Ken Bastida: A reliable teleprompter with words written by other people.

      The NBC Investigative Unit: Those lazy afternoons guzzling Starbucks lattes in the Mercedes van.

      John Fenoglio: Nobody's yet noticed I can't read or speak.

      Vicki Liviakis: Nothing. What did I do to deserve this?

      Tori Campbell: I'd just resigned. Otherwise...Ho Lee Fuk!

      Frank Somerville: I'm no longer on the noon show!

      Jacqueline Bennett: I'm the HOTTEST-looking meteorologist with the best-coordinated wardrobe on the West Coast, and possibly the East Coast too, and perhaps Europe too.

      Lisa Argen: Mike's still working.

      Leigh Glaser: I can still move my lower face.

      Cheryl Jennings: Ditto!

      Carolyn Johnson: I'm young.

      Juliette Goodrich: Ditto!

      Gabe Slate: I can just stand in front of a screen and say obvious stuff about iPads and smart phones and I get paid for it!

      Stanley Roberts: I've illegally-parked 15 times in the past year and nobody's noticed.

  6. Great post yesterday on that fraud and sellout (aka Lowenstein/Schmuckstein/Putzstein/Owens). The truth always rises to the top. He only cares about himself. He gets what he deserves. He should hang up the microphone, get on a boat and do pirate radio outside of Bodega Bay. Maybe the pelicans will listen to him. But if they're smart, they'll bomb him with bird crap. Get off your knees, clean up your face and give it up. You were relevant at one time. Now your career is taking a serious nose dive.

  7. Today's thanksgiving gift from KGO, Spencer Hughes is on from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., almost makes you miss Montemayor, and this afternoon he is sitting in from Barbara Simpson on KSFO, maybe they got him at a bargain prize, since it is in the same building. (I think).