Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trick or Treat


Trick: Larry Beil

Treat: Dan Ashley

Trick: Dennis O'Donnell

Treat: Carolyn Johnson

Trick: Paul Deanno

Treat: Roberta Gonzales

Trick: Jacqueline Bennett

Treat: Christina Loren

Trick: Cheryl Jennings

Treat: Carolyn Tyler

Trick: Allen Martin

Treat: Ken Bastida

Trick: Dave Clark

Treat: Frank Somerville

Trick: Joe Fonzi

Treat: Mark Ibanez

Trick: Tom Vacar

Treat: Anne Macovec

Trick: Ryan Scott

Treat: Pat Thurston

Trick: Steve Bitker

Treat: Rich Walcoff

Trick: Katie Green

Treat: Kiffany Wistrom

Trick: Brian Copeland

Treat: Stanley Roberts, (with or without the camera).

Trick: Ronn Owens

Treat: Jack Kulp

Trick: Fred Inglis

Treat: Vernon Glenn

Trick: Jon Carroll

Treat: Peter Hartlaub

Trick: Gil Gross

Treat: John Rothmann

Trick: Claudine Wong

Treat: Janelle Wang

Trick: Jon Bristow

Treat: Kim Foster

Trick: Tony Kovaleski

Treat: Diane Dwyer

Trick: Armstrong and Getty

Treat: Ray Woodson

Trick: Eric Byrnes

Treat: Larry Krueger

Trick: Jan Wahl

Treat: Jeannie Lynch

Trick: Frosty Stillwell

Treat: Tom Benner, (Officer Vic)

Trick: Maureen Langon

Treat: Randy Hahn

Trick: Scott Reiss

Treat: Ken Korach

Trick: Amy G

Treat: Jim Barnett

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  1. You had me until you mentioned Stanley Roberts. Have we invented a word that describes someone that is worse than a hack? When we do, it should be applied to him. He's a hack equivalent of Lowell Cohn as a writer.

    Idk Rich - every one step forward you take with me on the respect spectrum, you immediately take 3 steps back by saying guys like Cohn and Stanley Roberts are "Treats". To each their own though...

  2. Trick: Darya Folsom. No really, perform a trick for me !

    1. You're not a news director. You can't have one.

  3. Been listening to Ronnnnn lately and have to agree with my friend who listened to him once was shocked by how racist he is. His show is a safe haven for bigots. Yuck. I'm back to KCSM in the morning.

  4. Jackie Bennett's chest is a treat. Her fake cackles and personality is a trick.

    1. Everything about that woman doesn't fit right. From her fake boobies to her Walmart clothes that gap and pull to her bleached hair to her cheap makeup. She looks like a hooker who doesn't realize she looks like a hooker.

  5. Hey Rich, in your rant of the news that isn't being covered for some "mysterious reason," (Bay Bridge, Asianagate, SF underground train) the real reason being only that the media is lazy, how about the barge anchored in the Bay? No one knows what's on it, the Coast Guard, charged with keeping our waters safe, has signed a confidentiality agreement, Ed Lee isn't concerned, the Port Authority isn't concerned. Yet they strip-search old ladies and six-year-olds at SFO because they might be "terrorists." Now THERE'S a story someone should be doing. Where's our "watch dog" media? With its collective head in its collective iPhones and iPads, that's where, complicit, as always.

    Much more of a story than the stupid Namegate prank, if anybody cared.

  6. The ultimate insult to Karel .. not even mentioning him.

  7. No Radnich?? Wow are you a sell out not to mention him and you had some lame excuse why you don't mention him. He is the "Bully of the Airways"---he bullies Mike and Ahmen(producers) of Knbr and bullies Brian(weather) and Kevin (producer) of KRON...

    1. Perhaps you should call him and tell him, not me. I'm not a sellout just moved in a new direction, that's all but I hope you have a nice day.

  8. Treat: KTVU plane crash names fiasco.

  9. Ken Bastida is the best treat of all... hope he is back to stay at 6:00 & 11:00..........

  10. I disagree with, Larry Beil, Cheryl Jennings, Christina Loren and Allen Martin. And I still don't understand your hard-on for Copeland and Owens. And where's Radnich??? You must have taken that cease and desist letter very seriously.

    1. "Hard on?" Uh, not...and no C and D letter, but thanks and have a Happy Halloween.

  11. Rich are you dressing up as Dennis Richmond for Halloween?

  12. Uh, no...Pat Thurston is not a 'treat' in any sense of the word. Annoying to hear, worse to see. Remember when she was shilling for an IVF clinic that she used? That's because everytime her husband blew his load in her, the load realized it was in her vile box, did a 180 and hauled ass for the exit.

    1. Surprised that your classy post didn't get censored.

    2. Anonymous, 12:06 PM

      You vile pig.

    3. Rich, you once censored me because I commented on the surgically altered faces of Jessica Aguirre and Cheryl Jennings. This is more appropriate, and somehow passes as acceptable to you? Love to hear an explanation.

    4. Obnoxious Vile Pig!

      Wish you had censored that comment, Rich.
      Wonder what 12:08 considers a Class-Act?
      Sarah Palin?
      Ted Cruz?
      Rush Limbaugh?
      Michelle Bachmann?

      The whole GOP....a National embarrassment!

  13. Radnich royally screwed up an interview with former Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine who Krueger and Radnich had teased off air. Valentine came out smoking,defended himself and shot back that Radnich and Kreuger that they " Wanted to use him" for ratings. That's when Radnich cut him off and claimed "A bad connection". I could hear fine.
    It was going to be his best interview in years...and Radnich ran away from it because it got too hot for him to take. And that's the truth.

    1. Your take is so far off. You heard only what you wanted to hear. "Best interview in years"...I doubt if you can spell Radio let alone Broadcasting. Opinions are like assholes...everyone has one...some are just a little larger than others.

    2. Well,I know I'm pointing out what's obvious to everybody but you,and that's I had said "It was GOING to be his best in years" And it would have been like his Randy Johnson and even Tony LaRussa interviews. But Raddy just doesn't stomach those anymore. He ran.
      My opinions? Funny,but Gary and Cathy stopped the touchy feely reports. And on my blog I gave suggestions for local sports media costumes. And sure enough,Ann Killion showed up exactly as my Ray Ratto costume idea.
      I like Ann.

  14. Is this your version of the late Herb Caen's New Year's column in the Chron? When all the local celebs would open their paper to see if they were mentioned?

    Those were my thoughts as I scanned the list and wondered why Strange de Jim was excluded.

    1. "Who's Strange de Jim?" Sincerely, Stanton Delaplane

  15. Where's Savage?? Used to be a treat but now is nothing but a trick.

    1. The trick is how the Bay Area has forgotten and excused the RACIST Larry Krueger. The guy must have some serious connections or he'd be working in Fresno.

    2. I know one thing,even if I KNEW Amy G. and Kreuger hated me,I would only worry about sitting with my back to the wall gunslinger like, if Kreuger was in the same room with me.
      "I shot Stan!" Jesse Jame's coward killer.

  16. Treat: Ann Notarangelo
    Trick: Damon Bruce

  17. Tricky: Dick Nixon

  18. I worked at KGO many moons ago. Cheryl Jennings is the epitome of class. She treated the security guard as well as she treated Van Amburg. Amy G is definitely a
    trick. She has fooled everyone and is stealing her money. Roberta Gonzales is far from a treat -- a rank amateur.

  19. TREAT...Rich Lieberman!
    Thanks very much for this forum.

  20. Where's Vicki Liviakis? Definitely a TREAT although she's got so much class I feel bad referring to her in that way. I looked inside my trick or treat bag and all I got was a rock!

  21. Trick: Jared Hart in Philadelphia

    Treat: Jared Hart leaves San Francisco

    How does a guy like this get a serious job like that? That's radio today. Just awful.

    1. He's a good corporate schill. He can point to his resume and say: look at how I toed the corporate line and bossed that legend in his own mind Ronnnnnnnnnnn Owennnnns in to talking about cell phones instead of the mass firings of a once great station!

  22. Darya Folsom reminds me of the homely girl that with lots of effort and make up and time, almost had her day. If this market wasn't small time and if KRON didn't exist (where tv goes to die)...she would've never been heard from.

  23. TREAT: Kristen Sze. 'Nuff said.

  24. Speaking of tricks, I live in SOMA, and finally went into the "Market and Rye" in Potrero, after having passed it many times. Initially I didn't know it was owned by Chef Ryan Scott, and when I found out I decided NOT TO go in because if it's anything like his radio show it wasn't going to be good. My suspicions were confirmed, I hate to say it. I don't want to see someone not succeed even though I'm guessing he's probably doing fine for himself. I had the Falafel sandwich and it was terrible. My husband had a spicy chicken sandwich and said it wasn't better than anything I could make at home. So he can't do talk radio and apparently he's not much of a chef either. Is he related to someone at KGO?

  25. Amy G. is not even worthy of listing. She is truly, as one poster so aptly put it a few months back: "an annoying clucking hen." Amy G. is a true example of how bad the business of broadcasting has become. When soccer moms become baseball 'experts,' than the profession needs an enema!