Saturday, September 28, 2013

KRON Reporter Gets Robbed in SF; New World of Local Reality TV; KGO's Jones-Lee On Medical Leave; OakTrib's Poole Headed to CSNBA; Saturday Mashed Potatoes


*And you thought TV reporters were only robbed in Oakland.

*This might be time for the local TV and radio news cars and vans not to paste their logo over the vehicle. The thugs might have less a target if they don't see a big Circle 7/ABC or KPIX5 spread on the news van.

*Great world: media people doing their job and get assaulted by jerks who target them and their expensive equipment, not to mention their own personal safety. Who'd have thunk armed security guards would have to accompany reporters on the streets of SF and Oakland.

*Here's a quick thumbs up to Jeff Bush, the 12-year vet at KRON, for not being hurt and his security guard too. Although I don't think Bush will ever forget the sound of gunshots. Tough gig, tough world.

*Indeed, KGO Radio morning news anchor, Jennifer Jones-Lee, has taken a short-term medical leave from the station. We wish her well.

*OakTrib sports columnist, Monte Poole, is headed off to Comcast SportsNet Bay Area as some sort of Insider. Here's hoping Poole, a pretty damn good writer, actually gets some real Insider material as opposed to the other alleged Insiders, one of whom wears sunglasses inside the press box.

*Attended the Warriors media day in Oakland on Friday and had a chance to chat one-on-one with their star center, Andrew Bogut--first thing, this guy is one BIG dude, (no shit, he's 7'1), but get this: the native Aussie has a huge personality too, ancient in the world of modern professional athletes.

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  1. Hunter's Point aka West Oakland.

  2. Pat Thurston is on KGO this am, there was no mentioning of Monty, and I believe the intro from the news person was the Pat Thurston show, however Monty is still on the schedule, if you go to KGO's website. Pat is usually on Saturdays from 6 to 9 p.m. however I think there is a game later today. Anyway dying for news about the new schedule, but I assume, since you haven't posted anything Rich, you don't know anything.

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    1. Wait Steve, your retort comes from a guy whose profile says he attended:

      "Diable Community College, City College of San Francisco"

  4. Happy for Monte. Good dude.

  5. I like Andrew Bogut because he likes to rebound and play defense. It's not easy to find a good center.