Saturday, September 21, 2013

2013 Marconi Award Winners Announced

2013 Marconi Award Winners

From Radio Online:

Here's the full list


  1. Ha Ha not one " Major Market big money Bay Arera station"

  2. Not much recognition for stations west of the Great Divide.

  3. To bad they don't give an award for shameless self-promotion. Lieberman would win hand down.

  4. Can you clearly define shameless self promotion by Lieberman? Please explain where and when he is Self promoting.

    1. Real Clear Logic must not be a Real Clear Thinker if he can't detect Rich Lieberman's shameless self-promotion.

      For starters, check out the following. And I'm not even scrolling down.

      Statement from Michael Zwerling of KSCO Radio About a Certain Media Blogger And The Future

      Are You All Ready For Some Major News? 'They Said It Would Never Happen'--Really Now? Big Vinny Didn't Get The Memo

    2. Well let's see it is Rich Lieberman's Blog What do you do with your Blog? You get the word out so you get readers. Not sure that is shameless self promotion. I also would not call the post you refer to shameless self promotion. I would call it an announcement.

  5. Indeed! It would be something I'd be mighty proud to announce. Nothing wrong with tooting ones own horn. After all, if Rich doesn't fill us in on his good news, who else will?