Thursday, August 29, 2013

While You Were Stuck In Traffic Lamenting The Bay Bridge Closure ...

  I was reminiscing about this.

It's hip, ya know.

What is hip? Cue the band.

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  1. BALCO's Victor Conte played for them!

    1. Whaaaaat?? Please say it ain't so!

  2. I wish the commuters from the east bay would take BART, the ferry, or figure out another way to get to and from the city this week during the bay bridge closure. The drive home from SF to central Marin yesterday took me nearly two hours! Ridiculous! This is one of the big reasons we need better mass transit here in the bay area. I would love to get out of my car, but our mass transit from SF to the north bay is much more limited than what the rest of the bay area has at its disposal.

  3. ....Lead singer Rick Stevens did a stretch for murder. This is an Oakland band.