Thursday, August 1, 2013

Deadspin Rates the SF Giants Beat Writers

Your privileged scribblers ranked and posted.



  1. Amy G, Beat Reporter. And I thought that their play on the field was the biggest joke this season!

  2. Here's another ratings evaluation of the SF Giants beat writers . . . HOMERS.

  3. Pav and Schulman are outstanding and must read if you follow the Giants.

    Haft is nothing special and don't read him much.

    Baggs -WAS- great until he went to CSN where he's now neutered and is only a shadow of what he was in his Merc days. (side note: Maioccco was great on the 49ers beat when he was with PressDemo, but he too has been neutered at CSN)

  4. Amy G. should not even be mentioned. She's beyond annoying, and it's startling, because she's been doing this for some time and hasn't gotten any better. And she's not a beat writer, she's a 'sideline reporter' on television. Secondly, she has no concept of what is interesting or news worthy. Instead, Amy G. constantly interrupts the TV broadcasts with her banal 'interviews' and cutesy features with fans in the stands that have no value. It detracts from the game and distracts attention from what's going on, and is just plain unnecessary. Thirdly, her annoying voice that sounds as if she's speaking to a bunch of kindergartners makes the entire nightly appearance of Amy G. a complete waste of air time. About the only consolation is that she is at least not traveling with the club so we don't have to be burdened with her amateurish performances on Giant road TV broadcasts. Why Comcast Sportsnet Bay Area can't figure out that almost every Giant fan finds Amy G. annoying and useless is beyond belief! I guess management must have some sort of quota that needs to be met that dictates that amateur reporters have to be given a certain amount of time on each telecast. I guess this gives hope to any air headed bimbo who wants to be on TV!

    1. You must be a professional something??? Amy G is kind of refreshing after watching the Giants play poor baseball

    2. A whiny-voiced baseball ignoramus is considered a refreshing alternative to watching the play on the field. It really has been a bad, bad season for the Giants!