Wednesday, July 10, 2013

On KSCO Today, My Live Interview With Alex Jones


Today, 2-3 PM Live, on KSCO. And follow up from 3-4 PM.

Alex Jones, part of "Lieberman Live", 1-4 PM. The interview --podcast available after the show.

Unrehearsed, unleashed, raw, original and LIVE.

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  1. He's hilarious. I'll be listening.

  2. Alex Jones is a pro at controlling any interview I have ever heard with him...rather than answer clear questions directly and succinctly, he is a master at digressing, tossing in non-linear addendums, inserting his dozen or so faithful "talking points," and salting his paragraphs with some incindiary language that all but obscures what he has been asked.

    Will Rich stand up, not fall victim to this verbal bullying, and ask him to unwind the rhetoric and give clear answers? Tune in and see, I guess.

  3. a fat, balding, white, 50 year old, angry fist pounding right winger on the radio?

    really? wow that's can't miss!

  4. Alex Jones is a lunatic and Rich Lieberman was kissing his ass.

    What an embarrassment!

  5. It is apparent that Lieberman would sell his soul to the devil to get listeners.

  6. Nothing wrong with having a controversial big mouth on your radio program BUT refusing to stand up to him and kissing his ass is pathetic.

  7. Great show today, Rich!! Thoroughly enjoyed it, even though I rolled my eyes more times than I can count!

  8. Alex Jones is a walking encyclopedia of FOIA requests and other official government documentation.

    His style is bombastic, Texas sized, yet despite the controversy over his Stratfor connections, I think he's on the correct side of the issues facing us today.

    Strip him down and you may not agree with his analysis on some things, but there's no arguing his facts to back up his view. The critique here saying he controls his interviews etc. is shortsighted. He doesn't have to fit into any mold when, but accident or design, his method breaks people's conditioning to the status machine.

    I'll check out the podcast when I get the chance. btw, Alex Jones aint the only out there fighting the good fight... Pete Santilli, Jeff Rense, Max Keiser, Henry Makow...several former US intelligence employees who are probably way too provocative for most of you.

    for level headed critical thinking types: try Jon Rappaport and Jay Weidner.

    expand people. expand.

  9. I was hiking in the Carmel Valley during your show so my reception was sketchy via TuneIn. I caught much of the program and in general I appreciated that you kept your questions succinct and then shut the hell up for a change. The last few minutes were annoying as hell, Jones was not done answering the previous question and you'd ask a new question and boy were the questions dumb! I seriously thought you'd ask if he preferred wearing boxers or thongs. Then like a giggling school girl you invite him to SF to eat steak with you. Wow!

  10. johnny bom bonneyJuly 10, 2013 at 7:32 PM

    Rich, I couldn't listen today; is it true? did you really kiss his ass? Say it ain't so, Big Vinny!

    1. Lieberman fawned all over the guy and was just giddy to have him on the show. Excessively deferential to a big-mouth crackpot.

    2. Did you catch Big Vinny inviting Jones to eat steak in SF? What a groupie!

  11. Sorry, Rich - The show did not live up to its hype. Jones is the #66 rated talk show host on the "Talkers Heavy Hundred." He is, essentiall, no threat to the talk radio elite.

    His loud, bombastic, Monty Montemayor type screaming and use of five-cent college words is far over the head of most listeners except his cult following. This is why he not in major markets and is far from a ratings grabber.

    As for you, even being at the mothership KSCO live, as if this was a coronation, didn't help much. Your questions were convuluted and way too long. Near the end, you had so many questions to ask, you talked all over him. No loss, actually.

    He did try to control the interview, that was obvious. However, you held bay, but too long in the questions and your points most of the time.

    The woman at the beginning of the show -- actually the end of here -- tried to clean your clock, but was a failure in doing so. Just because she is an avowed "conservative" named Georgia, she is a hater and a screamer and shouter. OK, she got her digs in about you being of "bad manners" but it was you interviewing Jones, not her. That alone took her credibility away. You took it like a man, but you need not have tried to be funny back. She sounded like an absolute idiot. You were a little nervous but overcame that quickly.

    The last 15 minutes were not so good. You were looking for praise and didn't fine much after the calls dropped off. In fact, Jones wouldn't allow much caller participation and that was clearly obvious. His demands of "it must be live, etc. etc." was embarrassing. I liked your questioning of he and Piers Morgan. You came close to catching him off guard and he pushed back by trying to run the clock so as to not have to answer to your satisfaction. All in all - he's a bad local interview.

    It was a baptism by fire for you and overall, you did suck up to him a little to much, as if you were looking for a new best friend. Your awe was clear and I think you were playing to MZ because Jones and he are good friends. The personal questions near the end added nothing to the interview because he clearly didn't want to go there.

    I think you'll do better with Dan Rather. Good luck! A much better guest.

  12. I have no interest in the garbage Alex Jones spews (and actually there is plenty "arguing his facts to back up his view"). You may as well 'interview' the guy yelling at nobody by the cable car turnaround.

  13. You can argue his view, his analysis, but facts are facts and I defy anybody to find a better source for government documentation than Alex Jones.

    You won't find one.

    John at 11:O6PM

    What is the 'garbage he spews' specifically? Is it the long history of government controlled false flags, or that he will use those facts to bolster his view such things are occurring today?