Saturday, June 22, 2013

KCBS' Joe Salvatore; Don't Invite Mark Ibanez and Gary Radnich to Dinner; Radnich Makes Fun of KRON Weather Guy only Weather Guy isn't Amused; KQED; Saturday Media Minutiae

I like Joe Salvatore.

Salvatore is the KCBS weekend sports anchor usually filing reports from the Coliseum and AT&T Park during A's and Giants games.

Salvatore is straight-forward and fluid. A good, solid concise minute or so worth of sports news and information that doesn't delve into any drama just chock full of info at every :15 and 45. Salvatore is infinitely consistent too.


Didn't know quite a few of you are OK with KPIX' refusal to run a disclaimer about its Caltrans/Bridge relationship during tonight's safety program. It was so simple to do but oh well...

*Don't expect to see KTVU's Mark Ibanez and Gary Radnich at a dinner party any time soon.

*Why was one prominent news director in town seen coming out of another news operation? Think the Battery media gulch.

*Instead of sending me insulting notes, some of KQED's rank and file should concentrate on their own in-house BS which is considerable.

*Speaking of Radnich, how classy of him to make fun of the weather guy on Friday Night who clearly looked uncomfortable and wasn't too in on the inside jokes. It's a Radnich specialty: make fun of people and try to disguise it as part of your shtick which doesn't resonate when the subject of your ridicule isn't too chuckled about it. (Talk to Ibanez).

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  1. Lieberman knocking Radnich, that's unusual!

  2. Mr Radunich has a history of this behavior. I remember him ridiculing a new weatherman (Mike Kelting) during his segment, actually calling him an SOB. He read another sports story then turned to him and repeated, "You really are an SOB, you know that?"

    Kelting tried to play it off but the unease on the set was palpable. Gary always claims that he is only kidding when questioned about these incidents. Funny how he is never on the receiving end of such abuse.

    Mr Kelting didn't last long.

  3. Could you please explain the Ibanez/Radnich issue? I love the blog Rich, but you consistently leave things hanging. It's like the news teases for stories in twenty minutes, except you never follow up. Thanks.

  4. Everything needs a disclaimer?

    The bridge show hasn't been broadcast yet, so derogatory comments are "cart before the horse". I'm giving them enough rope to hang themselves.

    If it's in the media, ulterior motives are assumed...politician's speeches, ads, news reports, op ed columns, lieberman rants are all framed to shape opinions. The PBS news hour does the best to lessen the problem by including several views on most subjects.

    Side note: The news hour did a piece last night on a UC Berkeley study regarding simplified ethics of rich and poor people. The study has been around for a while but the piece was very good. If you wonder what makes people tick, find/watch the piece. There was no disclaimer btw....

    Regarding Raddy, where's our buddy stan?

  5. Radnich's mean-spiritedness has always turned me off, too.

    1. Martin, someone accidentally inserted an "n" in your eponymous last name.

  6. > Didn't know quite a few of you are OK with KPIX' refusal to run a
    > disclaimer about its Caltrans/Bridge relationship during tonight's
    > safety program. It was so simple to do but oh well...

    Could you tell is what you'd have liked the text of this disclaimer to read? I'm trying to figure it out myself.

    > It's a Radnich specialty: make fun of people and try to disguise it
    > as part of your shtick

    It's also a Limbaugh specialty, a Coulter specialty, a Savage specialty, a Hannity specialty...

    > Don't expect to see KTVU's Mark Ibanez and Gary Radnich at a
    > dinner party any time soon

    Both have egos the size of Mt. Rushmore, and I don't know why, because they're both warmed-over mediocrities.

  7. "Radnich specialty: make fun of people and try to disguise it as part of your shtick"

    This explains why he is so despised.

    1. Yeah, Radnich is despised so much he's been on the TV and radio for what, 25 years?

  8. Is there anyone who knows what exactly Ibanez said about Cranky at the recent awards dinner? Rich you might have made a reference to it here, but Ibanez supposedly got in some good zingers at the Crankster's expense.

    Can we get some specific quotes?

    -- Gaga V

  9. Joe Salvadore is a solid, unspectacular, dependable sports reporter, the kind that we used to hear all time time before stations such as KNBR started making interns and traffic reporters sports update people. It's amazing to me that the news stations, (KCBS and KGO) have much better sports update people and actually cover the news of bay area sports much more efficiently than either of the two local all sports radio stations.

  10. Does anyone get as turned off by the banal, vapid, breathless little girl style of 'Amy G.' as much as I do? I love watching Giants baseball on TV with Kruk and Kuip, but the way she interrupts the flow of the game with her air-head comments and useless fluff pieces is really annoying. What are the folks at Comcast thinking? Do they really believe that people want to hear about some nonsensical and inconsequential story from the stands that has absolutely nothing to do with the game. Oh, but I forgot..'Amy G' won an Emmy and gets some great post game interviews with the players with insightful questions like: "Take us through that at bat again Buster!" And that annoying sounds like she's still in high school!

    1. @9:22, yeah Amy G. is fluff and doesn't add much to the broadcast BUT... you think Kruk with all his "gamerbabe" crap and all his cornball BS about good Giant fans enjoying the game, and desperately unfunny comments about babies and ball dudes, etc. adds anything to the game?

      Kruk is an overbearing bore, a professional brown-noser, and not nearly as funny as he believes.

    2. She has zero ability. Period

  11. Couldn't agree with you more about the blonde ditz that Comcast uses for features during the Giants games. If they want to put a soccer mom on TV, why don't they go into the stands and recruit one who at least knows a little about baseball? Also sounds as if she never learned how to use her voice properly. She has this reedy, whiny, thin pre-teen voice that conveys no authority of confidence, and frankly, one would think that the Giants and Comcast would be embarrassed. Do they think she actually draws in viewers? As a baseball fan, I automatically mute the sound whenever I see her come on the screen.

  12. Ibanez ansd Radnich are both lucky to have lasted as long as they have and should not be complaining to anyone. They have both been coasting for years, as you might see them at one game a year, usually in the playoffs. Both have talent, but they don't really do that much with it. Mark though, is at least a likeable guy. Gary? No one in the profession really cares much for him because he's always making sarcastic remarks and acting in a passive/aggressive manner. When you call him on it, his retort is always: "Hey, come on, can't you take a little joke?" It would be nice if he got booted out of a job, and then he could do what Ralph B is doing and claim age discrimination.

  13. Sounds like 2:50 pm has a serious 'red-ass' about our friend Kruk. His over the top comments and Giants' enthusiasm may get a bit extreme at times, but the guy at least knows the game and can explain it pretty well. Yes, you have to get past his homerish style, but I think he's a far cry better than Ray Fosse.

    Speaking of mediocre announcers, how did Glen Kuiper even land a job with the A's? Talk about boring and mediocre. Oh, I forgot...his two brothers who are infinitely more talented than him, helped get him in the door.

    And if you want to talk about brown nosers, there's always Fitz, who's dad basically bought him a gig at KNBR many years ago, then taught him how to undercut and back stab other guys in the profession to get ahead. Fitz's dad should be very proud!

    1. Yes, Krukow knows the game but I think his homerism is worse than any other local homers because so much of what he says is distorted by his extreme Giant bias.

      To him, no Giant pitcher is ever going bad. Instead, he's having trouble finding his release point or his arm slot is bad or mechanics are off. Krukow insisted all last year about how much Lincecum was improving or was back to the old Timmy or whatever and could never come right out and say that he just didn't have it.

      The year before that, Huff was horrible and Kruk kept talking about how he was getting his timing back, whatever, which he never did.

      Some may like Kruk, I don't.