Saturday, June 29, 2013

Howard Stern and Larry King doing Howard Stern and Larry King; Quick Saturday Snippet

My friend Mort Lanzberg forwarded me this clip of Howard Stern talking to Larry King.

I'll admit it: I sort of miss Larry because I have never warmed to Piers Morgan. Morgan reminds me of of David Frost-lite. And his ratings are terrible. Lower than King too. Maybe it's just CNN.

You know who would have been a terrific replacement for Larry? Howard Stern. Think about it for the moment. Stern is funny, OK maybe a little dour with bathroom humor but Stern is one helluva interviewer.

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  1. Really fantastic interview. Larry, at his or any age, is a terrific wit and story teller. Howard's has only become a more and more masterful interviewer during the satellite years.

    The King of all media and the King of all Larrys make Piers Morgan look amateur.

  2. I remember the call for Stern to replace King over the past few years. Maybe the $ wasn't there or CNN felt they could have problems getting guests.
    Monday morning quarterbacking is easy.

  3. Has nothing to do with the money. He has enough money. Howard needs to be center of attention, all things, and that type of show doesn't allow for that. It's not like Letterman. It's an interview show. His radio show, even when there's a guest like say Roger Waters, it's still about Howard. And there's a different comfort level with TV interviewing and radio. Being interviewed on TV is also quite different since again, you're the topic.

    There's no reason to think Howard would want to do that, or that it would go well. His E! show was amazing. Too bad it's gone.

  4. It looks as if Howard Stern's satellite gig may not be going as great as he and Sirius had hoped. I mean, come on, Howard Stern doing X Factor? When he was on terrestrial radio, he wouldn't be caught dead going on a show like X Factor, let alone becoming one of its regular hosts. And now he's getting chummy with Larry King, a man he despised. What's next, Howard Stern and Oprah sitting on the couch discussing uplifting books?

  5. I wish Howard was still on the radio dial somewhere. I like him best when he was being somewhat serious in his interviews, because he still keeps his edge to lift that vanity veil off just about anybody.

    That and when he had the Ryn and Stympy guy sit in on an interview with Pete Rose. His impersonation of owner Marge Schott was thee funniest thing I've ever heard on the radio.

  6. 1. Howard Stern is not a judge on The X Factor, it's America's Got Talent.

    2. Howard Stern has never hated Larry King. Has he made fun of him? You bet. Larry King is ripe for making fun of. But he doesn't hate him.

    3. Here's the 1-hour long Stern-King interview.

    4. Howard signed a deal with ABC News to do his own interview show back in the mid-2000s. That deal never went anywhere.

    5. Howard had on Larry King because they go way back. Here's Howard on Larry King's show 25 years ago.

    6. Here's Howard Stern as Larry King.

    7. And if Oprah volunteered to go on the Stern show, you bet Howard would jump at the chance to interview her.

    1. Yes, but if Oprah had asked terrestrial Howard Stern to go on HER program to have a serious interview, Howard would never do it. When the day comes that satellite Howard Stern sits on the couch with Oprah, you'll know that not only is Howard's radio career in trouble but the whole satellite radio industry is on shaky ground.