Saturday, June 8, 2013

How To Creatively Rip the New Comcast SportsNet Bay Area/Yahoo Show Featuring Melanie Collins, Jim Kozimor, and Melanie Collins; Did I Say Melanie Collins?

It's not that the new Comcast SportsNet/Yahoo sports talk show is that bad; it isn't. It's just that if I were programming the latest attempt for content on the local cable outlet, I would have gone for broke. I would have just bit the bullet and injected Melanie Collins into the show as much as possible because it seems that the reason Melanie Collins is there is that she's Melanie Collins and if you've seen Melanie Collins, she's not Jim Kozimor, got it.

** Wonder what the other women at CSNBA think of Melanie Collins. One good thing: she's not Ann Killion.

**Jim Kozimor, (pictured above), is Greg Papa without the Armani suit.

**The real reasons why there's a Yahoo show locally: so local talk hosts and writers can go on TV; to showcase Melanie Collins and her wares and to highlight Kozimor's brilliant journalism! Kozimor is the next Bryan Gumbel and Melanie Collins is the next Melanie Collins.


  1. Lieberman critical of the new sports talk show... oh, that's a shock!

  2. To the zombies who put down Mr. Lieberman: You retards don't get it. Television "journalism" sucks around here and everywhere. There's no there there. Yahoo! has a place to put its cash reserves and give itself some publicity. And meanwhile, the programming is pablum. You don't have to watch. I'm certainly not going to and any of you with brains should be in the same boat.

    Okay interns and family members, you're up... Have a take and make it good.

    1. @11:13

      If television journalism "sucks around here and everywhere," why is the fact that Comcast SportsNet/Yahoo is no better either surprising or newsworthy?

      If was easy to create more exciting sports programming, it would have been done long ago. Lieberman's shtick is to criticize everything current and romanticize how great everything used to be. I'm not buying it. The old stuff was pablum in its day too.

      I'm not an intern or family member.

  3. New In TV Is just a Fancy word for Life Support.

  4. Comcast might've tried getting different faces and voices rather than having the same folks we read and hear on KNBR and 95.7 pop by the studio to say the same things we've read and heard already. ... How many times can I get Ratto's take or Kawakami's opinion? I work in the Bay Area media, but I don't follow Chronicle Live or Used-to-be-Chronicle Live. I will watch now because...I want to get the Melanie Collins jokes.