Monday, June 10, 2013

Attention SF Bay Area Media People: Project Reboot this Thursday

A Good Cause and a Good Party--Attend!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Media People, check this out. From a friend who used to man the posts near the 855 Battery gulch...

Project Reboot is meant to bring the industry folks together, veterans and newbies, owners and students, actors and behind-the-scenes characters into one giant fold for one day to, aggregate, celebrate and socialize face to face.  It isn't the farcical "likes" on Facebook, superficiality of following on Twitter or pinging on email.  This is true to life engagement, shaking hands, engaging in conversations, catching up with old friends, reminiscing about the good old days we all tend to romanticize and glorify and meeting new folks that you otherwise wouldn't meet.  This is the anti-Google 360 with no Pinterest and Reddit agenda.

I hope that it's an event that brings news media, film, video and Internet Arts professionals together for one day this year, to feel the strength of our industry, to strengthen our camaraderie and build business connections.
--On Thursday, June 13th, celebrate the Bay Area's vibrant production community with 26 of San Francisco's top production companies as they show off their abilities and facilities for industry professionals. Schmooze your way across town collecting raffle tickets from each location to win great prizes at "SOMA-palooza," a revitalization and networking after-party aimed at bringing the production community together. Join us for the raffle drawing, food trucks, bbq, beer, La Croix and some great spins from the DJ.


  1. Yo! Big guy: You gonna be there?

    1. As long as my friend, Pia Zadora can attend.