Saturday, May 11, 2013

Tolbert/Roye Duo should be permanent on Warriors Radio; KRON Goof; Bruce; Saturday Media Notes

Saturday Media Notes...

*I hope Tom Tolbert is added to the Warriors radio broadcast team with PBP guy, Tim Roye next year as a permanent fixture. It's a good mix and Tolbert knows what he's talking about and has excelled in a brief time during the playoffs. And Roye and his partner seem to be having fun, as they should.

*KRON GM Brian Greif was never let go. In fact, a KRON mole duped me and I pubbed an unsubstantiated rumor. My bad. Apologies to Greif and I'm looking for the 1001 Van Ness dork. Maybe he had a bad turkey sandwich at Tommy's Joynt.

*It's great to have a radio show and I'm happy and enthralled with the feedback. Even the grumps are listening and you all have impeccable taste. I love the gig and it's devoid of stupid sound effects and just wait what we've got coming in the next few months.

*Damon Bruce made his point and he's right, sort of. And I wrote a tongue-in-cheek item that, frankly, was a little lazy but the truth of the matter is nobody got killed and everyone is over it. Life goes on. Bruce is a hard worker and does a good job. He'll survive. And he's sensitive too; so am I. Life is like that but then again you already knew that anyway. We proceed.

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  1. > My bad. Apologies to Greif and I'm looking for the
    > 1001 Van Ness dork.

    You'll be put out to pasture with Dan Rather now...

  2. I don't think the big Radish liked reading from a well known fellow talk show host of the same station calling him a bully over and over along with demeaning others for not having the same income as the Radish.
    Radnich should put the same effort he puts into being his fantasy self (big heart,understanding)as he does his real self of pushing his weight around.
    But then again KNBR fosters that mentality don't they?

  3. Verify your facts first Rich... Come on!

  4. Rich no big deal on KRON not every story can be a winner.

  5. Remember when Radnich reported Plummer was out as a 9er broadcaster.

  6. Just three weeks ago you were all over John King and CNN for getting it wrong in Boston. I should jump all over you and hammer your ass for this screw up. But considering how thin skinned you are and how much you embrace censoring critical comments, I'll save my energy. At least CNN and King apologized, where is your apology? You blame a nameless, anonymous ”mole”? Weak!

  7. Rich... humble? Wow!

    I'm actually starting to like the guy.

  8. I am someone that gets on you for some of your post, but I also give credit where credit is due.
    Way to man up Rich. Seriously, kudos.