Friday, May 31, 2013

Just your average SF Giants/CSNBA crowd shot at AT&T Park with Exclusive Quotes

Kruk: Gamer babe.

Kuip: She looks like a real Giants fan.

Amy G: Guys, I'm down here with Jessica--she says, next to being a cardiologist, she'd kill to play second base with the Giants.

Larry Baer: frame her picture and get it up to HR immediately!

Ed Lee: See if she likes the Warriors too.

Joe Locab: Ask her if she knows what a seat license is?

Willie Brown: Ever dated a mayor?

Dave Feldman: You like Jim Harbaugh? Maybe after my show, we could go and have drinks with him!

Ronn Owens: Hey, I'd bet you love a nice mattress.

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  1. This is the damn could combine this topic with the fountain,because I am forced to be around the yuppygenx you speak of Rich. Walnut Creek- tri valley...and everywhere,its Giants paraphenelia. I wear my A's hat. And alone. Back when,it was reverse. They follow the money out there,every single time.
    But the streets? They shine kept so clean. Revenue money off the backs of out of town drivers.

  2. I'm excited because another LIEBERMAN LIVE is coming up in less than one hour!

  3. Oakland sold out the A's to the greed and ego of Al Davis, and they did it when the Haas family had behaved very generously. Big Al ruined the Coliseum for baseball. As business people, the Oakland City Council and the Alameda County Board of Supervisors couldn't have operated a 7-11 store. The A's were screwed and they should move — if only to teach local politicians there are consequences.

  4. Wow, this post was extremely insulting from beginning to end. You need better adjectives. Do better next time. It's not hard.

  5. It's total bankruptcy: ethical, functional, financial.

  6. This is all kiss-ass, brown nosing, circle-jerking PUKE. Sadly it's true. Don't rock the boat. Root for the brand. PUKE PUKE PUKE

  7. So typical.

    A white male selects a picture for the web of a young white woman having fun while the minority concession workers get screwed. Fight the power!

  8. If only the A's knew how to market their team maybe they'd have ratings and more butts in the seats. It is obvious that the good team on the field isn't enough.

  9. Feldy now TWICE on air has dropped in that "He's single". Hey-hey,Feldy needs to hit on Walnut Creek. Its full of rejected cougars married 2,3,4 or more times already. They"Never settle for less"..and their ex's couldn't afford them. Feldy can make hay there...just don't get fired or they will divorce you in a second. Hubby no.6...

  10. Walnut Creek = a lower scale of Pacific Heights