Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bob Agnew on KSCO/KOMY Radio Show Today; The Arias Trial Verdict and Savage-Limbaugh; Wednesday Media Wrap-Up

Lots of news to talk today...

Former KNBR PD, and now PD at LA's KLAA, Bob Agnew, who created the original all-sports KNBR juggernaut, will be my guest at 2 PM on KSCO/KOMY. Note: I'll be simulcasting on both stations from 2-4, (and begin my regular broadcast on KOMY from 1-2 PM PT.)

Just click on the above link and look for the streaming audio link. If you miss any/all of Wednesday's broadcast, it'll be up later in the day on my podcast.

We'll also talk the Savage-Limbaugh dynamic and yes, of course, we will discuss the Arias jury verdict.

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  1. I may never become a Savage-Weiner fan - mood swings don't cut it, regardless of entertainment value - but if Savage can't take Limbaugh down a few pegs - and no one on either side has - that would indeed be awesome, as nobody has put the country's fattest mouth in his place for literally tons of detrimental views that have clearly had a cultural impact on society. It would be great if Savage could single out Limbaugh for any reason he chooses in front of millions of listeners. Somebody has to match staredowns somewhere!

  2. savage talking about how he's the "last word in talk radio" right now. my guess is he's setting himself up to NOT MOVE!

  3. I do want to thank you for covering the verdict of the Jody Arias trial. I was driving and desperate for information that I thought I could only get on TV. However, while you allowed us listeners to follow while they presented the verdict, you also explained the visuals in a way that saved the day for me. Thanks so much. There are huge amounts of followers for that trial although hardly any callers for you. Perhaps they were at their TV. However, do know that many of us were listening.

  4. Bob Agnew had his faults, but passion about broadcasting, and knowledge of the medium were certainly not among them. He worked as hard as anyone I've ever seen in our profession, and he may have had a big ego at times and been a bit of a control freak, but he had your back when times were tough as former KNBR GM Tony Salvadore could be a terror at times.