Monday, May 13, 2013

April 2013 SF Radio Arbitrons; KNBR Back at the Top, (Thanks SF Giants)

KNBR vaults bat into #1, (Thanks Giants).

Here's the full numbers.


  1. You just don't get the business do you Rich?. I hear KNBR hosts say all the time their show's ratings are way up and that the Giant announcers are beloved. THAT'S why KNBR ratings are no.1 in summer. You seem not to trust those who built KNBR up?..What's wrong with you? Particles,nobody cares,and surfer dude talk,oh man I cant get enough of all that!

    World Series? What about them?

  2. How did the RICH LIEBERMAN SHOW do in the ratings?

    I'll bet your beating the competition, running away with the ratings, and scaring the pants off of Ronn Owens, Sussman & Morgan, Armstrong & Getty and Gil, the Gross.

    Best damned radio talk show on the air today!

  3. Giants coverage is the only reason I ever listen to KNBR. Other than that I can hardly stand it. Especially Beavis & Butthead in the morning and Gary & Larry's mid-morning yellfest.

  4. Indeed, the Giants keep KNBR in clover. Every host, every sports reporter, even the receptionist is queer for the Giants at that place. Can't blame them. They pay everyone's bills. However, the listener suffers because they get a jaundiced version of the sporting world. 49ers? Only in season. Warriors? Only if we have to and they're on The Ticket, so who cares? The Sharks? What are they? KNBR isn't "the" sports leader. How can they be if everything just focuses on one thing? The Giants buttkisser? In spades. It's the truth. Can't wait to see who's in denial here.

  5. Remember folks, that KNBR actually owns a very small piece of the Giants and that about 40 percent of the station's inventory comes from the broadcasts, their promotion, and the ancillary programming the Giants provide. When the strike of 1994 hit, KNBR lost a ton of money and GM Tony Salvadore had to scramble and start cutting back to keep the ship afloat.

    Now that the 'GAME' has the Raiders, long-suffering east bay fans will be able to go to 95.7 FM to get complete info on your A's and Raiders, in addition to hearing their games live.

    One thing is certain, KNBR hasn't given the A's much coverage since the mid 1990s, and although KNBR 1050 carried the Raiders from 1997-2003, neither KNBR or KNBR 1050 really pays much attention to the Silver and Black anymore.

    It also doesn't hurt that the Giants won the World Series twice in the last three years, and the Niners came within five yards of winning the Superbowl!

    And finally, when you've been a 'sports-station for almost 25 years, with a 50 thousand watt signal that covers most of the western US and booms easily into every big city and small berg in Northern California, your ratings should do pretty well!

  6. I still do not understand KCBS It is the same all day unless there is breaking News. When Boston Jumped off it was on every station.