Thursday, May 2, 2013

10 Questions on why the SF Giants Announcer, Duane Kuiper, Appears to be Acting Strangely with a Microphone

1. Blowing his nose?

2. Didn't have dinner and in sudden brain fart, considers actually, eating the microphone?

3. Pissed off that Kruk took his guy for player of the game and is showing disloyalty?

4. Pondering the idea of sequestration?

5. Contemplating a morning chit-chat with Murph and Mac?

6. Had to pay full pop for tickets to the Rolling Stones Sunday?

7. Just found out that Amy G got a ring too?

8. Hearing strange voices from the mic uttering "OUTTA HERE!?"

9. Perhaps was out of Kleenex and went to trusty standby, (see #1)?

10. Hard case of the hiccups and nobody cares?

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  1. Its the new version of Prozac inhaler...

  2. I take it as he doesn't want to be there, prefers to be off camera.

    He is subconsciously hiding behind the mic.

  3. Gripped with fear about becoming one of the most moronic blog posts from Rich Lieberman. "Now I know how Jodi Arias must feel."

  4. My favorite announcer!

  5. johnny bom bonneyMay 2, 2013 at 2:49 PM

    Look! Are you kidding me? Flem took the last of the kringle? Torture!

    1. Are you freaking kidding? Is this guy you have on a referral from your therapist, Rich? Reptilian, indeed.

  6. Rich - The closing argument(s) of the Arias trial have more relevance and excitement than your wacked guest at 3pm. The broad you have on almost every week sounds like she's tired of you trying to hit on her. Why not use your own phone at home. You use too many of those publicist lists or make up your own guests. We wonder why you get no calls. Today's a good reason. I know, because you know best, "I don't care." George Noory you're not.

  7. I don't get the popularity with these guys. I think John Miller is a solid play caller with an above average voice, but Kruk and Kipe bore me. They're dry, slow, sleepy...attempts to be too cool for school are not appealling. Maybe I'm too young to appreciate their style but for me it doesn't work. And I'm pretty sure they're considered one of the best tandems in all of sports. I'm totally out of touch when it comes to these guys.

  8. Maybe he's jones-ing for a smoke...

  9. Secretly counting the endorsement money he's made from THE Solar Company.

  10. Murph and Mac suck. So does Kruk. How do all these "green" so called announcers get gigs? Bunch of homers.

  11. too old and dead asleep. could be bored by his own play by play or he's just too damn tired EVERY time.