Friday, April 5, 2013

The 'Rich Lieberman Show' Returns on Monday

Didn't really leave , just had to attend to some business and unexpected family emergency. I appreciate all the interest and inquires and will be back and ...better than ever, Monday at 1 PM sharp.

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  1. Rich,

    Did you see your name mentioned at the end of Ben Fong-Torres' column last Sunday?

    "Jersey Boys," my all-time fave musical, is back at the Curran; the opening night crowd included KMEL's Chuy Gomez, Gil Gross (KKSF), Nikki Black (KSAN), John Hamilton (KGO), Lee Hammer (KNBR)and Rich Lieberman (KOMY). They were not seated together.

    --The Shadow

    1. That's an impressive list and a who's who of a dying business...sort of like a Jurassic Park of radio Christine Craft gonna chime in and bust balls about analogies? She'll say: ” analogy is incorrect, t-rex never did radio”..

    2. Or Christine will say...
      I've never much cared for going to superficial musical plays or entertainment of any kind for that matter although my great grandfather Horatio Craft was one of the greatest accordion players on the west coast and how I treasure those wonderful memories of his playing the old squeeze box while I was rocked in the cradle by my beloved grandmother who later suffered from terrible emphysema so I spent all my teen years caring for her which meant I never went out to those stupid parties that other people went to and I loved that dear old lady who taught me whats important which is guns and dogs and being able to type fast without ever stopping or thinking about what I'm saying.

    3. "The 'Rich Lieberman Show' Returns on Monday"/


      Who at KSCO / Komy begged for this move? Or was it for another three months of that trade on the website?

      Just what I thought.

      I look forward to the new & improved Rich Lieberman.

    4. Christine always liked the readings of her old uncle, Mark Twain, too. She used to see him live back in the day when footlights were candles instead of electric lights.

      Her favorite uncle, using a fake name, encouraged Christine to start either a career in lawyering or in broadcastig. She started her study in a "liberal arts" college in broadcasting saying "I wish to hell somebody woud invent either a radio or television or I'll sue, as I won't be defferential to any man!

      Her most famous line after being named a CBS Sports Spectacuar chick was, "Bring ME the head of Nancy Grace!" and, later,in the same borrowed quote, only inserting another great Z-grade journalist's name, that of Jane Valexz-Mitchell, now also on HLN with her former boss, Nancy Grace. What a kiss ass business!

      Christine is a walking encyclopedia of knowlege with a gun strapped to a thigh.

      This is why broadcasting is so screwed up today.

      That, boys and girls, is the Rest of the Story.

    5. Fair and BalancedApril 7, 2013 at 9:57 AM

      Perfect 9:26!

  2. I love your blog, yet your claims of non bias fall upon deaf ears. You are a wonder for Bay Area Radio insight, something that is ignored. Stop being a hack, please, John Rothman??? A host??? No more qualified than you to host a show. Michael Krasney??? Please. I just ate.

  3. The black and white picture of Giants announcers shows Russ Hodges, Lon Simmons and Bill Thompson. They were great just like the Giants' broadcasters now.

  4. Be nice to John Rothmann, he's the best talk show host of em all. period